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FJ Tips from the Pros : Steve Stricker

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This week's FJ Tip from the Pro comes from 12 time PGA Tour winner and Wisconsin native, Steve Stricker.

The mental game is often overlooked by golfers of all skill levels, it is easy to think about your mental game but difficult to change. Steve Stricker has a simple tip that all players can use to improve their mental approach.  Happy Swinging!

  • Agree wholeheartedly.

    Negative thoughts are the real killer.

    Stay positive always, and stay in the moment.


  • Great stuff, love hearing from the pros

  • Thanks Devin. Wish it was longer, but excellent point.

    Don't think "I am probably going to hit it in the water", think/visualize "Where do I want the ball to land"

    Don't think "If I hit it fat, it's in the trap" think "This is going to be crisp, just short of the pin, two hops".

    Look at your target, plan your shot, and ignore all the bad possibilities in between. Too many guys I play with have the wrong thoughts before the shot. Heck, we all make bad shots, but positive thinking definitely can eliminate a bunch of them.

  • Sometimes with me it is the complete opposite. If I'm over a shot, thinking I can get this on the green, I usually miss hit it. My problem is over thinking the shot.

  • Great comments fro a great player.

  • Postive Mental Thinking - Off the first through the last tee! Great advise from SS... Keep the FJ Tips from the Pros coming !

  • The old self fulfilling prophecy.  Think positive play positive.

  • Great comments from the class of FJ

    Love the Performance Sweater as well

  • After 20 + years just started to realize in the past 3 to 4 years that the mental part of the game can save just as many strokes, if not more, than pure atleticism!

  • Positive thinking and visualization are the key to sucess.  Negative thought will ruin a good game every time.  Good advice from Steve.