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Calling All Golfers - Casting has begun for the 2012 - 2013 FJ Catalog Shoot

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FootJoy cordially invites you to join us in Tempe, AZ for casting of the 2012-2013 FJ catalog.  Show up ready to display your swing and you may just end up appearing in the more than 15,000 catalogs that land in golf shops around the country!

  • Thats a great chance, good luck to those attending!

  • This is an excellent opportunity to get yourself into the catalog! I went to the shoot in early 2010 and it was great to see the pre-work required for publishing such a high quality piece of marketing for the top brand in the industry.

    Sadly, I will be in Las Vegas attending the Consumer Electronics Show, so not possible to be in Arizona.

  • Wow, this is pretty awesome. I was just at that course last year too! Hoping some FJC members are chosen for this!

    Good luck to everyone attending.

  • That sounds like a lot of fun, wish I could be there.

  • Too bad its not the weekend of Feb 16th, because I will be in Tempe then.  Sounds like a lot of fun and a great opportunity.

  • what an awesome event going on. i wish i was there to show the world a little pre JBird outing. I plan on shooting par this year and eventually getting on the "Big Stage". "If you shoot for the moon and miss. You'll land among the stars"

  • Man, that sounds like fun!  Too bad I have to work...

  • Good luck for all the Community members who may present to this casting.

  • Wow...that sounds like a lot of fun and a great opportunity, wish I could be there.

  • Too much lag in my swing. Dang.

  • What about casting in the South? Not interested in the bald, fat, low hndcp golfers? Have fun in Arizona though....

  • I would definitely take the day off and go, but they are asking for talented AND athletic golfers. Sounds like fun and I may stop by. What's the worst they can say?

  • If you ever do this in the North East let me know!  I did one of these for Titleist and it was a lot of fun.  Keep up the good work FJ

  • Sounds like a lot of fun, but I would rather be golfing.  Hope a few of the community get in the shoot.

  • Sounds like a fun time....But a bit too far for me this time ! Will a photo or two work instead ?  Let me know when you come East for the next Photo Shoot !