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Exclusive First Look: Contour Casual

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FootJoy, the #1 shoe in golf, announces the introduction of Contour Casual, a comfortable, spikeless footwear category for on and off the golf course. Contour Casual is an extension of FJ's very successful Contour Series franchise, the best selling golf shoe in the world, and will be developed using the same construction. The result is a versatile shoe comprised of super-soft, premium materials that delivers lightweight underfoot comfort, waterproof protection, industry-leading size options and world-class fit.

"This shoe is the ideal option for the golfer who enjoys the convenience of wearing the same shoes from the practice area to the grill room but still demands the premium materials, comfort and style FootJoy has delivered for over 100 years," said Mike Foley, Director of Marketing, Footwear.

Contour Casual will deliver the most sizing options in the casual spikeless category with 47 possible length/width combinations, including whole and half sizes in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide widths. The shoes will be offered in four colors - dark brown/green, black/taupe blaze, white/taupe blaze and navy/red.  

March, 2012 – 54275 (dark brown/green) and 54284 (black/taupe blaze)
May, 2012 – 54251 (white/taupe blaze) and 54268 (navy/red)

MSRP: $115

  • Love them.  Such soft leather and a great look.  I like the look more than the spikeless Streets.  I am excited for the white/taupe... have you considered white/green??? :)

    The black also looks great, since we only saw the brown, is the black more charcoal or is that just the appearance the photo gives off?

  • WOW!  Those look great.  Can't wait to order a pair

  • Good looking shoes. May have to upgrade when they come out.

  • As I said on the forums, these look great! I am liking the gray ones in particular.

  • Can't say I love them.  I'm more of a traditional shoe look guy though.  I'm sure being FJ's they are comfortable though.  

  • Can't say I love them.  I'm more of a traditional shoe look guy though.  I'm sure being FJ's they are comfortable though.  

  • very cool. the navy/red combo is slick and unlike anything i have seen. putting this on my xmas list.

  • Love the style, the navy will be on my birthday wish list. I'm also really glad to see them offered in XW. Tough to get some of my favorite FJ offerings since the XW is not available across the board.

  • These Contour Casuals will really raise the bar in the category. Foremost, they come from FootJoy, whose reputation is without peer. Secondly, these bring a contemporary styling to those who want to right from the car to the course.

    Personally, these will become a big part of my wardrobe soon!

  • Great look!  I also like to see the different widths and length combinations.  They should be a popular addition to the FJ lineup!

  • EMKelly, the black is a true black.

  • wow I can wear those to work and then straight to the course. Just think of all the time I'll save. I will get to play that much more golf.

  • Wow waterproof too. Big plus over the ecco.

    Can you use these shoes for golfing too?

    Hope the inside of the shoes is as clean as the golfing fjs. So no seams or anything in the frontfootarea.

  • These look nice and are very appealing... but I have to ask myself, do I really want to look down when I'm playing and see sneakers?  For a guy who has worn FootJoy Classics and Icons, I prefer the classy look.  So will I buy a pair??? Maybe.