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Johnson's Classic for the Kids

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This past weekend several PGA Tour players arrived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for the first annual Zach Johnson Foundation Classic held at Elmcrest Country Club to raise money for the Foundation's Kids on Course initiative. Kids on Course began in May of 2011, with a goal of raising $1.05 million dollars in its first three years to fund programs devoted to helping students achieve academic and personal successes at local schools.

For the event, Johnson set the fund raising goal at $250,000.  However, an overwhelming response to the event and its cause doubled the charitable donation to over $500,000 dollars. In a selfless act, Zach and his wife, then, decided they would match every dollar raised with money from their own pocket, pushing the grand total to over one million dollars.

Zach's wife Kim later said, "The community stepped up so much...so we needed to step up in a big way, too.  We want to give a good foundation to the Foundation. So we said: ‘This is the first year, let’s do it."

The Johnson's have been no strangers to helping those in need.  In 2008, they held a fund-raiser to help those affected by flooding in their native Iowa. The outing raised over $350,000 dollars to aid in relief efforts.

For more read at DesMoinseRegister.com or TheGazette.com

Click here to learn more about the Zach Johnson Classic and the Foundation

  • Great to see an Iowan doing great things with the great opportunities he has been given.  ZJ is one of my favorite Titleist/FJ staffers.  Great person and classy ambassador for you guys!

  • Justin,

    I thought you would be commenting on this one!


  • Zack is inspirational on so many levels. He has been blessed many times over and he respectfully returns support to his local community.

    Well done Zack, and best of luck in the future.

  • This is very great to see someone match that much out of their own pocket. :)

  • Outstanding act on the part of the Johnsons.  Just to be able to double the charitable contributions speaks volumes to Zach's abilities, but the willingness to contribute that much is an exceptional reflection on the involvement of Tour players in charities.  Would love to see more of the pros take similar approaches to this, Ai Miyazato's donating a significant portion of her purse to Japan rebuilding, and similar selfless acts by name pros.  

  • This is great to see, speaks volume to what kind of person zach is, and for tour players in general. Like stated before, having more players do this would really be great for the golf community, and those it goes to help.

  • What a great event and outcome for the kids.  Congratulations to Zach and Kim on a job well done!

  • Zach has always seemed like a classy guy, and this just goes to show that he is.  If only more athletes would do things like this.  Way to go Zach, and best of luck