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Zach Johnson: Never forgets where he came from

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I have not yet had the honor or the privilege to meet 7-time PGA tour winner and  07' Masters Champion Zach Johnson; but working here at FootJoy you hear plenty of stories of tour players.  Zach Johnson is no different and is most certainly a crowd favorite inside these walls in Fairhaven, Mass.  His fellow Iowans certainly hold him in the utmost regard also.  Johnson, whose precision game has made him a staple on the PGA Tour, received an award at his Alma Mater; Drake University the other day for contributions to his profession and community. 

Heavy flooding swept across Iowa in 2008.  Johnson, in response to these floods held a golf outing that raised almost $350,000 to help affected people.  Last summer, Johnson started a foundation that is aimed at helping needy children in Cedar Rapids.

Does he do these things because it is good press or because it is the right thing to do?  I believe that Johnson chooses the latter, because he genuinely cares about his fellow man and most certainly his fellow Iowans.  


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  • Being from Iowa, I don'r  know of anyone so far that doesn't admire and respect Zach. He is, above all, a gentleman and respected member of the PGA and well liked by many outside Iowa. And he really hit a homerun for his efforts helping those affected by the 2008 floods. I too have never met him, but hope to at least see him play in the John Deere tourney this year.

  • Seeing ZJ in countless interviews and his recent "What's in my bag" video, he is a completely enjoyable guy.  I'm not surprised theat Zach would go out of his way to help kids and communities without personal fanfare.  Very classy.

    Glad he is a Titleist Brand Ambassador


  • Zach is a real class act I love the way he gives back to our great state of Iowa.  I watched him play two years ago in Arizona.  I would love to see him in some Iowa Hawkey My Joys!

  • Zach is a class act...I enjoy watching him play.  One of my favourite players, especially when he is makin' bombs at the Ryder Cup...can't wait till 2012...