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The Most Unique MyJoys Designs of 2010

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If you've been watching the MyJoys ticker on the FJ homepage like we have, no doubt you've seen some very unique shoes come through this past year. We really enjoy seeing all the different combinations people come up with to demonstrate their very unique style and have pulled out some of the "most unique" from 2010.

We give you the tools and, as you'll see, you respond in ways we could only imagine...or ways we could not possibly have imagined. While some of the designs may not meet your style requirements, you have to be impressed with the boldness of some golfers.

These are actual orders from actual consumers! 

Click here to vote on the most unique styles of 2010 and for the chance to win a pair of MyJoys for yourself.

Click on COMMENTS to let us know what you think of these designs!


  • wow, the wing-tips seem to be the most outrageous. Ironically enough, I like the colors and unique profiles put together.  

  • Thanks FootJoy!  For allowing us to make our own styles of Golf Shose.  MyJoys are MLB (Los Angeles, Dodgers) LoPros.

    Ya Baby!  

  • I posted here last week but it never showed up. Glad the site is back up. Some of the shoes are awesome looking, would be graet to win a pair. Thanks Chris & the gang @ FJ for the contest.

  • These designs just blow me away. If not for FJ golfers would be stuck with the same old styles.

  • Could be a little outrageous for an old duffer like me, but I'd take the chance!!

  • I am impressed with many of the designs, but really like the shield tip aspect with varying color and design possibilities. Great looks added to the shoes really adds some neat color combos.

  • very interesting, colors are great! One can never have enough golf shoes.

  • There are some really creative designs and colors in there.  It's nice to have the opportunity to make your own FJs.

  • Style #11 no doubt was the coolest to me, nothing like patriotic colors.

  • I love how FootJoy allows me to customize my own shoes and because I am a huge sports fan I love my Cincinnati Reds shoes.

  • I will probably die with my footjoys on so I want to look my best when this happens and the new chic styles fit the bill.   pn

  • Thanks FJ, there is no other Company that offers anything like the MyJoy's, and there is other way express your peronality better than with your own choice of Colors and Styles, it's totally awesome.

  • Quite unique, the pink and green are classic

  • Amesome design work guys!  I saw several unique designs listed.

    I liked style # 14.

  • WOW, WILD!!!