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The Most Unique MyJoys Designs of 2010

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If you've been watching the MyJoys ticker on the FJ homepage like we have, no doubt you've seen some very unique shoes come through this past year. We really enjoy seeing all the different combinations people come up with to demonstrate their very unique style and have pulled out some of the "most unique" from 2010.

We give you the tools and, as you'll see, you respond in ways we could only imagine...or ways we could not possibly have imagined. While some of the designs may not meet your style requirements, you have to be impressed with the boldness of some golfers.

These are actual orders from actual consumers! 

Click here to vote on the most unique styles of 2010 and for the chance to win a pair of MyJoys for yourself.

Click on COMMENTS to let us know what you think of these designs!


  • I love the circa 60-70s styling, and would like to see two tone vs the three tone. now all I needs is bellbottoms.

  • I think Footjoy golf shoes are the best on the market.  I had a pair of white but they were stolen from my car at a golf course I was playing.  Being a senior I  can't afford a new pair which I hope I would get a pair of black Footjoys for Christmas.  But I'm doubting getting them cause I don't think my sons can afford them either especially as a xmas gift.  Maybe someday I'll win a lottery then that would be one of the lst items I would get.  

  • Currently wearing the icons and like them very much.

    I have also worn the greenjoys and dry joys  over the years and never found an uncomfortable shoe yet. the new cleats used today

    work well also. I would like to try one of the new designs!

  • what,no purple? The one pair on the far left with the green and pink was unique I thought, the green and red were appropriate for Christmas. Thank God they don't allow pictures!

  • Some of the designs were obviously colors of the schools they attend or attended.  Good way to sell a half dozen pairs of shoes.  I preferred variations on the usual brown, black or white.

  • Best shoes ever! I've worn FJ's for years. I love that you offer custom shoes. one of these days I'll drop the coin to buy a pair.

  • I'm partial to the Florida Gator colors. I visit the "Hallowed Grounds" every year and would sport a pair of them for sure!!

  • The designs are refreshingly unique. Nice bold looks to strut on the green!

  • Some of these shoes look like Bozo the Clown is now into golf!

    You gotta have balls to wear some pink and purple beauties...

  • Golf needs more colors. Great job

  • I would like to see a new design! Several styles do remind me of the 60's and 70's, also.  I remember during that time, I saved up for a long time to buy a pair of solid alligator grain, black, tassel loafers.  Then I saved up for several months to buy the same shoe in a honey brown color.  I suggest an alligator grain oxford style in these colors rather than just alligator grain on the sides of an oxford.  Most of us could not invest in the "real deal" worn by Phil Mickelson.

  • I liked the choices for the most part.  Interesting that it seemed that only two styles are represented, Icon shield tips and women's LoPros.  Some interesting color combinations.  I liked the red, white, and blue Shield tips, but they're not that unique, so I voted for others.  I also tried to stay away from those that were clearly school colors--how is that unique?  Best of them all to me were the women's pink and orange LoPros, with the red accent.

  • I'm more of a conventional shoe person, but some of the Unique Myjoys I might buy.

  • Some of the ugliest color combinations of ALL time. Whoever put these designs together is void of any real thought or content . Footjoys are still the #1 golf shoe on the market bar none !

  • FootJoy's, the only way to fly! Only shoe I'll consider when purchasing golf footware! Keep the cool styles coming.