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The Most Unique MyJoys Designs of 2010

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If you've been watching the MyJoys ticker on the FJ homepage like we have, no doubt you've seen some very unique shoes come through this past year. We really enjoy seeing all the different combinations people come up with to demonstrate their very unique style and have pulled out some of the "most unique" from 2010.

We give you the tools and, as you'll see, you respond in ways we could only imagine...or ways we could not possibly have imagined. While some of the designs may not meet your style requirements, you have to be impressed with the boldness of some golfers.

These are actual orders from actual consumers! 

Click here to vote on the most unique styles of 2010 and for the chance to win a pair of MyJoys for yourself.

Click on COMMENTS to let us know what you think of these designs!


  • Very unique indeed.     FootJoy allows great opportunities to let your imagination run wild.


  • Great stuff guys ... some pretty wild designs in 2010. Style #14 looks like a pair worn by THE HOFF!

  • I must say that I'm surprised none of the other shoe styles besides Shield Tips were represented. I know it's harder to be Wildly Innovative," but I'm sure some interesting combinations were created.

    I must say that there were some designs that I never would have thought of in my wildest dreams!

  • Very cool contest Chris, thanks.

  • The options you offer afford everyone an opportunity to express their own individuality.  Very important if you want your shoes to express your creativity.

  • The last 35 years I've worn no other maker shoes since my first pair of FJ's looked great, felt great, priced right and lasted for several years.  All my FJ Dry Joys lasted many years.  I had a little problem on one pair of Dry Joy's after nearly two years of wear in Houston, and FJ replaced them without any question.  They stood behind their shoes and I'll stay behind FJ.

  • I,Belive footjoy should also design outfits too go with the shoes.These are some cool design! Thanks Footjoy

  • reminds me of Doug  Saunder  he made golf  shoes  not borring

  • I was pleased to vote for the 3 designs that I thought only someone like Ian Poulter could wear.........

  • I've got 5 pair of custom FJ shoes....and the comments received from others is just like getting 2 extra strokes a side!  

  • When I first started playing golf, wild plaid and pastel color pants were somewhat common, so sprucing up golf shoes would be a little bit traditional.

  • Hmm... from Doug Sanders to Ian Poulter and Christina Kim, you certainly have something for everyone!

  • I agree there are so many to choose from.

  • Way to go guys.  Great addition to the styles for the wild side of golf.  Keep it up.  Style 5 is my favorite.  

  • Great looking shoes.I liked the large number of choices available.