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Ben Crane's First Thoughts on DryJoys Tour

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Ben Crane, who won his second tournament of the year this weekend at the Asia Pacific Classic, has worn DryJoys for many years so we made sure he was integral in the development of the new DryJoys Tour. In this video, Ben gives his first thoughts after seeing and wearing the finished product.

Click here if you don't see the video below.


  • Cool info! Thanks Ben!

  • Really awesome to hear why the pros wear a style.

  • Interesting point of view by one of the Pros. I have one of the older styles of DryJoys, but it has the same stability built into it that the new ones have. It is showing a lot of wear, but still used on the course on days when the weather is not as nice as I like. And  I can guarantee that until the showes wear out, they will continue to be used.

  • Nice video......great to hear it from the pros


  • Ben always got a bad rap for his pace of play, but any time we ever talked to him or asked him for his time he was fantastic.  I think his recent "work-out" video will go a long way in changing people's thoughts on him.

  • i agree with evrything ben said about the shoe i plan on buying another pair in the up coming weeks.