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For a Perfect Fit, Try the Rule of Thumb

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Did you know that more than 80% of people wear the wrong sized shoes?  Most people would tell you that they have "always worn a 12" so assume that's the size that's right for them. What they may not know is that the foot never stops changing in size and width so, while you may have worn a 12 four years ago when you last got measured, you may now be better suited to an 11.5 narrow or 12 wide.

Ideally, everyone should get fit by someone familiar with the Brannock device, the metal foot measuring tool that most of us have seen in stores where we purchase our footwear. The Brannock enables the salesperson to obtain three important foot measurements - ball-to-heel or arch length, toe-to-heel or toe length and width. Based on the measurements, as well as other observations about wear patterns in your current footwear and unique foot characteristics, the salesperson can more accurately determine your shoe size. How do you know if it's time to get measured again or if your shoes are properly fit?

Try the Rule of Thumb.

The width of your thumb, about 5/8", should fit perfectly between the top eyelets of the FJ golf shoe. If the eyelets are not visible under your thumb, and are pulled closely together, the shoe may be too wide. If the eyelets are too far apart, the shoe may be too narrow. See the image below for an illustration.

Obviously your personal comfort and preference overrules any measurements you may get from the Brannock device or the Rule of Thumb. However, if you feel like your shoes just aren't fitting like they used to or you want to ensure you're getting the best comfort, fit and performance from your FJ golf shoes, try the Rule of Thumb.

  • Interesting idea.  I just checked and my thumbs are both approximately one inch wide, making it tough to use this guideline.  Most of my FootJoys fit with the top eyelets pulled almost together.  I've had no problems over the years with any of my shoes, either.  Guess I'm one of the exceptions to your "rule".

  • While that may be a good rule of thumb, many years ago while going to school I worked in a shoe store. The Brannock device was  one of the most valuable tools and we were taught to measure both feet. Then we used the slide on the side to determine the true length of the foot by the that little slide measurement. It is the arch measurement that is the most important measurement in fitting shoes. As a general rule a man's right foot is usually larger than his left and the reverse is true of a woman's, in that the left is usually larger.

  • The Rule of Thumb is by no means meant to replace a proper set of measurements from the Brannock device. It is just one quick way to determine how your shoes fit.

  • In my case, my dryjoys close too much since the eyelets are almost touching.

    I wonder if FJs sizes run way bigger than other brands. According to the measurement device I am normal witdth, but maybe in FJ's world I'm a bit narrow? My foot does "swim" within the shoe.

  • Footjoy could fit me better if they went back to making size 12 and a half shoes in affordable styles.  The last time I looked there was one $300 style made in my size.  I play a lot and I'm not going to buy 2 $300 pairs per year. 12 is too small, 13 too big for me.

  • Chris, thanks for the reminder about properly fitting shoes.  This information applys to all shoes not just golf.  And, yes you foot does change over time and its vital to have the right shoe b/c they impact your knees and lower back.  And we all know the importance of those areas for golf.

  • Armando, based on what you said, you should probably consider a narrow width.

    Longirony, I feel your pain as someone who also wears a 12.5. I am ideally suited to a 12.5N but have found nice fits with a 12M in SYNR-G and FJ Sport. Regarding options in 12.5, you should consider our custom MyJoys program which offers several DryJoys styles in sizes 12.5. www.myjoys.com

    Good luck!

  • Proper fit is key.   I found the new FJ SuperLites to be a bit wider than my other FJs.   Heavier socks were the answer for me. Thumb rule is a pretty good idea.