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2010 - 2011 FJ Catalog Preview: Performance Outerwear

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  • Pretty nice, Mike!

  • I am very excited to see some new colors introduced!

    The green is fantastic.

    Nice work Mike.

  • Great new looks and a larger variety of colors. Can't wait to get my hands on a couple of the new windshirts

  • Some pretty sweet stuff -  Can't wait to find the shirts somewhere.


  • The new line up looks great.  Can't wait until they hit the Pro Shops.  

  • Sweet! Love the new women's stuff!

  • This stuff looks great. Are these inspired by or the same products worn by FJ Staff Pro's on tour?

  • Thanks for sharing, Mike!  Awesome stuff!!  Looking forward to trying it out..even my wife said the women's line looks great and she would wear it..and she doesn't play golf!  that says something for style!

  • AlexNapier -

    These designs and colors are the same products FJ staff players will begin wearing beginning this fall.



  • Great looks and will be getting one some time this season before heading South for the Winter months.

  • alex: i think that they're the same that the pro's wear....

  • looks great- i can stay the perfect temp. through the round now!

  • that is my type of style in a nut shell cant wait to see it in person

  • Sweet looking outerwear and nice color combos. I especially like the the layering concept. Can't wait to see them in person.

  • This is an extremely strong line up yet again for FJ. For those of us cooler climates, the use of layering on course in the fall is very important. Having FJ recognize and respond to the need is really great.

    I am quite pleased to see some new colors, the addition of some color block styles, and especially the piping on many of the products. This seemingly small detail really sets a stylish accent on course and for players who want to put some zip into their wardrobe.

    A couple new items I'm really glad to see; the new base layer for colder days and the updated half zip pullover with stretch fabric. Both of these new products are going to be very popular and bring some much needed innovation to the market, yet again, from the FJ team.

    Thanks FJ!