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This year on the PGA TOUR, FootJoy gives you another reason to keep an eye on the players wearing the #1 shoe and #1 glove in golf.  In 2010, when FJ WINS, YOU WIN! 

From the season-opening SBS Championship in Hawaii through the Children's Miracle Network Classic in November, if a players wins a PGA Tour event wearing FJ products, you have a chance to win what that player was wearing on Sunday (shoes, glove and outerwear). Here's how it works...

- Following an FJ win on the PGA TOUR, a homepage image will be posted on FootJoy.com with a button to enter the FJ WINS, YOU WIN sweepstakes. 
- Click on the link, fill out the entry form, click submit and you're entered (you must enter after each FJ player win). 
- The entry page will be live from 12:01am Monday morning until 11:59pm Thursday night and the winner will be automatically drawn Friday morning. 
- The winner's name will be posted to the sweepstakes page and FJ Blog/Community on Friday.

Considering FootJoy is the #1 shoe and glove on the PGA TOUR, you have a great chance to win when FJ wins! Good luck!

  • Come on PGA Tour FJ wearers!  Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!!  LOL

  • Mike, Looks like the FJ team does it again. Great giveaway of a great shoe.

  • I was pretty excited for entering these contests until i noticed that i had to be in the USA seeing as i am from  Blenheim Ontario,  about ann hour away from Detroit I am unable to join any of the contests.  Dont really get why

  • Spence --

    My apologies, but due to varying legal regulations regarding sweepstakes around the world, this is open to US residents only.  Canada has very different rules regarding sweepstakes than the US, making "cross-country" contests (especially ones that are dynamic and needed quickly like FJWYW) virtually impossible.

    We are testing this concept in the US first to see if it gets adequate interest and participation.  We will pass on the US results to our international teams for consideration.

    Best Regards,


  • This is a sweet contest...and the year already started off in the right direction thanks to Ogilvy.

  • Great idea for a promotion. Even better since there are so many different ways to win and so many on tour wearing FJ. Now we have the FJ Team on the PGA Tour working for us too.

  • Guess I missed this one, but what a great idea. FJ just keeps coming up with the good ones. Hopefully we'll recognize some of the winners.

  • Mike,

    How come when I register for the FJ wins, you win  sweep I can only select Men's shoes and gloves.?  Women watch and support Men's golf  (and Foot Joy) too.

  • sweet

  • DLamb -

    Thank you for your email.  The goal of the FJ Wins You Win sweepstakes is to drive awareness and association between PGA TOUR players and the FJ products they were wearing.  Geoff Ogilvy was wearing  FJ ICON shoes and a StaSof glove, which is why those are the two product categories offered in the sweepstakes.   The categories will vary by winner, by event.

    We absolutely appreciate the that women watch and support men's golf and FJ products.  While we do run woman-specific contests throughout the year, we have in our flexibility in all of our sweepstakes to ensure, if a woman is selected winner, that she will receive product(s) that are useful and appropriate for her game.  This has already happened on a number of occasions.  I can assure you, we strive to make certain all FJ visitors have a satisfying and enjoyable experience that they would recommend to others.

    Best Regards,


  • FootJoy what a great idea! This is just one of the many reasons I love you guys.

  • I use all FootJoy products when I play golf.