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Tour Players Design Custom MyJoys

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We've been meeting with some of our Tour players over the past several months to take them through the more than 2 million custom combinations available in FootJoy's MyJoys program. Watch the video to hear what they think of the program and to see what custom combinations they chose! Click on COMMENTS to let us know which pair were your favorite.

To view this video on YouTube or a mobile device, click here.

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  • Great little blog post.  Really enjoyed the photos of all the shoes.  Would like to see more of this!  Great job guys!

  • Chris... This is a great set of interviews. Really wonderful to see all the Tour Pros talking about what they think about the program and what kinds of shoes they are thinking about.

    To everyone out there checking in on FJ, remember, FJ ICONs are THE best shoes you can buy.

    MyJoys.... they are our OUR Joys, YOUR Joys, THEIR Joys.

    That makes MyJoys....

  • It's gotta be Jerry's motion W shoes he described! I can't go with anything that isn't my alma mater!

  • It's interesting to hear what the Pros think of MyJoys, and to hear they think this is a good program. Photos of the shoes they designed are nice to see. Great job Pros and FJ staff.  

  • Love the video and MyJoys have to be the coolest golf shoes on the planet. Design your own shoe and make your golf as funky as possible. keep up the good work Footjoy

  • i love all the pro's shoes and they have a great story behind them

  • i really like the icons especially in myjoys i cant wait until mine arrive.

    Sheild tip white, Blue croc and fuschia.

    It would be ncie if there was somewhere on the website where a collection of myjoys could be seen, the real finished product as i found it very difficult to picture what i wanted when chosing mine, alos its gives real appriciation for the materials, and colours used in the shoe.

    Those yellow green hoffmans were awesome definately something i would wear.

    Keep it up

  • Great set of photos  and really nice to see and hear the Pros reactions to the new ICONS. All the colors and options are going to be a big winner for FJ. We are going to see some pretty classy golfers this next season with their new shoes. Might be that when you go to the various tourneys, you could get shots of the Pros in their new styles.