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Introducing FJ SPORT

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  • That looks like a great shoe. Should be able to outdistance the competition without any trouble. I like the overall looks and note that it looks more like a tennis shoe, as some of the other companies are using.  I definitely think this is a winner. And the addition of the Stinger spikes by Champ is even better.

    Good going guys, another FJ milestone has been achieved.

  • Nice looking shoes!  Hard to beat the ICONs but they certainly are good looking.  The orange ones are my favorite.  Any chance they will be moved to MyJoys?

  • These are too cool.  I'm thinking a couple pair of ICON and a couple of these and I'll be all set!

  • these are very very sweet looking shoes.

    would go great with shorts as opposed to the Icons that might be more suited for long pants...

    love the all white and white/red/black combination

  • I like the athletic look of this shoe. The PU leather coated toe guard looks like a good idea, so you don't get that scuffed looked on the toes. Cool colors and color of spikes match color of heel.

  • Just one more question to be added to my earliercomment. What are they looking at for a price range?? Curious  to know.

  • Shoes look great, nice addition to the FJ line!

  • Good looking shoes! They look very technical. Would be great to know more about the design process.

  • Suh-weet! Love the look of these. And of course, I have to ask -- anything like it in the works for women?

  • Nice looking shoe, could be a good platform for doing things like NFL Logo'd versions.  Green Friendly is something that always can use some work.

  • These new FJ sports are the most coolest looking shoes I have ever seen in my life, and I mean even cooler than any sneaker I have ever seen. If they feel like they look? Wow you have a winner there.

  • Look like football or soccer shoes rather than golf...I won't buy them!

  • Not that impressed, honestly. I may get bashed for it, but I think they look like a 50 dollar shoe, kinda cheap.

  • those shoes look amazing, i'd definitely like to get the black ones. Are these going to be player's shoes or recreational shoes?

  • Probably too casual for my tastes.  I have never been one to wear a tennis shoe like style.  But in that market I am sure this shoe will do quite well.