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Photos from Mustache Week

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Three years ago, Nationwide Tour player Chris Anderson was on flight to his next event and during this flight he read an interesting article regarding "mustache week".  According to the magazine the first week of September is National Mustache Week. The article peaked his interest, so once he landed he immediately called Chris Smith & Bob Burns (fellow Nationwide Tour players) and told them about the article.  So, during the Salt Lake City event the three amigos grew out their mustaches which garnered a lot of questions and interest. The "movement" has continued to pick up steam and this year, more than 30 players participated in "Mustache Week." But only one can be crowned "The Mustache winner of the Week". Click on the image below to find out who it was and let us know if you have a mustache or if you've ever grown one!

Special thanks to Andrew Morris, one of the FootJoy Nationwide Tour reps, for the pics.

  • That's a cool story.  I always enjoy learning about tour pros doing "normal guy" type stuff.  The chevron model was also my favorite.

  • Kevin Nolan's looked like a former German leaders 'stash.  :) LOL

  • Cool idea...maybe they should take it to the next level and go for beards.

  • I'm bald and a mustache wouldn'took good on me, but that Chevron is my favorite. It looks really great.

  • Its not a horse shoe mustache it is a "Fu Manchu"

  • Can you say "adult movie star" mustache on DeCorso along with his "soul" patch (never heard the term chevron before).

    Bob May's is too grey, hope he gets rid of that quickly...

  • The best is our tour rep Drew.  It took him 3 weeks to grow his "stache" out.  Thanks again Drew for the pics.  Glad everyone enjoyed another behind the ropes story.

    - CK

  • Thankfully, I've never had to worry about a mustache of my own. :~)

    It looks like most of the younger guys could have used a few more weeks' notice so their 'staches would fill in. I've always preferred a clean-shaven look, and these pix back me up.  

  • da stache, baby, da stache...

  • I think the Nationwide guys should aim a little higher and make 2010 the year of the mustache. Then we would start to see some real creativity with the facial hair.