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First Look at FJ ICON MyJoys

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  • A few questions:

    1. When are these coming out? ... I got a pair of the icon wingtips just this week but they are a little i was considering waiting for the myjoys to come out hoping they'd have a 14W...

  • Great shoes. My pro says he can order them for me. I saw the colors on the chart. Is it possible to see all the colors ? and then choose ?

  • I love the old classic look.  I will have a number of these eventually.  All that is missing is the click/chrunch of the old steel spikes.

  • When will these be available to cuatomise in the UK???

  • I can't wait to get the new Icons. Am looking at next season as my DryJoys are beginning to look a little tacky and will probably be replaced next season.

    Great looking line of shoes with a multiplicity of choices.

  • I had Navy patent leather Footjoy wingtips in the early 1970s and have missed them for decades.  Can't wait to order some new ones.