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First Look at FJ ICON MyJoys

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  • I'm more of a traditionalist, but I do like the black asymmetrical style with a bold dark red croc print. Also the traditional saddle with a sharp chestnut print are sharp!

  • Cannot wait - felt really disappointed when Classics were stopped but I have been very impressed with the thought and product that has been created to carry the baton.

    "The king is dead long live the king"

  • The white/orange pair will definitely be one I buy.  Love the looks, and I really can't wait for September's launch... these teasers are really making me jittery.  Well done, FJ!

  • LOVE the brown/bronze patent! And all the saddles are cool, too. hard to pick a fave!

  • I love the black with dark red caiman.  Those are fantastic.  I can not wait.  

  • To the folks at FJ, you guys hit a HOME RUN with these!!!  I am so excited to get all the different colors and prints on the website so I can begin.  I reall like how the piping on the opening of the shoe matched the saddle in the lilac pair.  And the black/red asymetricals are great.  But I am thinking I can not live without the patents.

  • I love the 52070 with the blue, and the black and red teaching shoes were something to drool over.

  • This little teaser is absolutely killing me!  Can't wait!

  • Great looking shoes. This will be pretty cool when we can make our own!

  • These are awesome looking shoes.  Great styles.

  • Love the spikeless versions...those will definitely make a statement at the office.  Can't wait for these to be available on MyJoys.

  • They all look GREAT!!  Can't wait to get my feet in a pair of the lilac lizard's.

  • Love the lilac croc print.  Nothing has you more recognized than your shoes, well I guess I hole in one while wearing them may do it!!!

    Keep up the designs, can't wait to see the rest of the collection.

  • I want a pair so bad!

  • These are really fantastic.  Hope they are as comfortable as they are good looking.  When in September?????  September is day after tomorrow!!!