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PGA Championship Preview Interviews

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Check out these in-depth preview interviews for the PGA Championship, featuring Zach Johnson, defending champion Padraig Harrington and Jerry Kelly.

  • Can't wait to see how all of the footjoy players do in the PGA, would be nice to see Harrington defend his title.

  • Listening to the three interviews it is easy to see where my game has gone wrong.  As a kid all I did was hit the range either around the club I worked at or at my home course.  I just don't remember playing near as much as being at the range.  As I have grown older and the body struggles to endure the punishment of hours spent on the range it has become work.  This is what all three talked about ws working on this or that or even retooling the swing.  All which encompassing hours, days, weeks on the range or practice facility.  I see I can regain my game with some time spent with the solace of bag of balls and the open range.  Don't forget when it still doesn't work to consult your local PGA Pro!

  • Ever heard "practice makes perfect?"  Not with golf!  I've found and lost my swing/touch/feel at the range.  If my mechanics are poor, my practice session will be a waste of time.  When my swing is happy, the bucket empties itself!  If I lose my swing on the range, it's generally waiting at it's favorite hole to catch up.  My greatest challenge and joy?  Mastering my head, and letting the background fade away.  My biggest wish?  Besides an unlimited budget for all things golf, is a bit more gentlemanly courtesy on the range.  Please, dear fellows, if you want to offer anything, make it a beer or a joke! I'[d much rather meet a new friend than know how much my swing looks like Sir Charles'!

  • I'm rooting for Padraig this week.  I hope the rules officials stay away from him.

  • A rather sad turn of events for such a great last round last week.  I thought both Padraig's and Tiger's comments were interesting.  Is there official repellant spray?