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Khaki Crusader Review of the FJ ICON

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Fellow blogger Sean at the Khaki Crusader recently had an opportunity to test and review the new FJ ICON on one of the country's finest courses, The Kittansett Club. Click here to check out Sean's written and video review of style #52096.

  • Great review!  I am still trying to decide on the color scheme I was to go with on the Icons.  I am leaning toward white with the green diagonal strip.  I have to call and see just what my options with MyJoys.


  • Great review. I'm looking around at new golf shoes and I will definitely try the Icons

  • Great review, now I really want to get a pair of these for myself!!

  • I can't wait for these to be available on MyJoys!

  • Good review!!!  August 15, here we come!  MyJoys will be such a great option.

  • This would be good timing for an ICON limited for the PGA weekend.

  • As the owner of over 25 FJ Classics, I was obviously disappointed with the demise of the model.  I have almost every color of the Classic Tour and several Dry Premiers.  I have 2 purples (1 Tour & 1 PD), 2 orange (same), 4 Blues (2 & 2), 3 all whites (2 Tour & 1 PD), several all blacks and browns, several white/black & browns, several tri-colors (blue/grey/white, red/black/white and brown/ khaki/white, several black/brown combos, 1 banana and 1 lime green.

    I am anxious to see the Icon.  So far I have not been very impressed with the style and color choices of the Icons that have been previewed.

  • Great info and review.  These shoes look great.

  • Great review!  I will be ordering some Icons as well some Footjoy Professional Spikeless.  Glad they are being offered in 15's!!!!

  • Icons are the next big thing. I can't wait to customize a pair. I can see the endless possibility with these, hopefully footjoy will open up the options.

  • Looking forward to the ICON - I was sad to see the Classic line go away!!! Not a better golf shoe EVER created.

  • Rory McIlroy-esque style. I like the all white, gotta have the belt to match though!

  • Good review.

    I was especially interested to hear about the footbed of the new shoe as I currently wear classic tour shoes and have never worn a more comfortable pair of golf shoes.

    Really looking forward to checking out the construction quality of the Icon in comparison to the classic and long term comfort.

  • Nice review,

    I ordered my own pair at my pro shop today and they should be in by the end of the month. I was sad to see the classics and dry premieres go, but i can assume that everyone is going to be more than pleased with the new line of footjoys.

    I am looking forward to being able to customize my own pair through MyJoys, i think that this will be the best thing that ever happened to golf footwear.

  • Great looking shoes, I love my ICONS!!