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Who on Tour is Totally Styling in Their FJ's?

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We asked a group of our Tour players who they thought was totally styling in their FJ's and received a very wide range of answers. Ultimately, though, it came down to a battle between two of our most prominent players....click on the image to see who received the most votes then click on COMMENT and tell us who you think is styling in their FJ's!

  • Tough call between Hoffman and Poulter but the win goes to Poulter in my book. His collection would have to be the deciding factor.

  • Poulter is just too cute for the room.  I do like Hoffman's green ones too.

  • Poulter has the craziest collection going. Hoffmans green shield tips are amazing. Then again, all of the custom shield tips are awesome. I do like the classic looks from DL3, Rory, and some of the other FJ guys, but those two take the cake. Just funky!

  • Ian Poulter, though it will be interesting to see who gives him a run for his money when FJ ICON MyJoys become available this fall.

  • I will give Mr.Poulter whiplash! He'll want a pair of MY Icons. LOL!

  • Anybody that wears Footjoys is totally stylin', but I think Charley Hoffman takes the cake. I especially like his green shoes when he wears a green Sta-Sof glove!

  • Clear front runner is Poulter!  But maybe the next challenge is to match the shoes with the belt and the FJ glove!

  • I just think it is great to hear these guys give their opinions on who is styling in their shoes.  It's nice to hear some commentary that is not focused on their rounds.  By the way, Poulter is the reigning king of style.

  • Ian, by far -- now he can match them specifically to his clothing collection! Maybe something to go with the Union Jack sweater -- or pants? PS -- let's see more of Adam Scott, even if he's not playing good golf this year!

  • Poults, no question.  I've seen his collection, it is something else.  He has some of the most unique FJ's I've seen.  Especially his ICON's that have a blue and brown floral/camo print that match a pair of pants from his new IPJ line.