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Would You Sleep in Your Car to Play Bethpage Black?

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Photo: Barton Silverman, The New York Times

With only one week remaining until the world's best tee it up at Bethpage Black for the U.S. Open, we read this article in the New York Times about the unique process that allows amateur golfers to play the same course the pros will play. While the rules can be somewhat confusing, ultimately, the best way for you to secure a tee time on the Black course is to spend a night, maybe more, in your car to snag one of the walk-up tee times. You don't have to "know someone," you don't have to empty your bank just have to be dedicated and maybe a little lucky. So we want to know...would you do it? Would you sleep in your car for the chance to play a U.S Open course? If you have done it, we would love to hear about it. Just click on COMMENTS.


  • no.

  • you would have to be crazy not to sleep in your car to play that course.

  • The Black is not that busy... you can show up at 2pm and go right out.... it's the other 4 courses that are crazy....

  • I lived on Long Island for several years and had the chance to play Black about 10 times.  Each time, I had to get to the course by 4:00 to stand in the line for a single tee time - and then it was it or miss.  If I did not get Black, I would usually be able to get on Red.  While Red is nice, it is no Black.  If you are going as a single, now need to sleep in the car, but if you have a group, then the car it is without a doubt!

  • YES YES YES!  I've slept outside for concerts, sports games, and epic ski conditions, I would absolutely do it for some awesome golf.

  • Yup

  • It would be a great story. I'd do it once.

  • Done it! Played 3 days in a row at Winged Foot, Garden City and Friars Head. Supposed to fly out of JFK on Sunday evening, but flight got cancelled. Rented a car drove,straight to Bethpage. Slept in the car and was second out on the Black. Worst night of sleep ever thanks to the guy from Tennessee in the car next to us who snored like a freight train. Great course, great memory. Totally worth it.

  • yes, with out even thinking twice

  • I think I might try it one time sure.

  • I might have to try it once yes.

  • Own a Mini Cooper, top down, bug net attached; yes would sleep in the car to get a T-time.

  • YES!!!!

  • Absolutely, without a doubt.  Great golfing experience.  We've had success several times just showing up at 6:30 am on summer and fall weekends.  Dunkin' Donuts coffee and a little optimism are all you need!

  • For sure!  I have played BPB course and it is awesome!  Showed up on a Monday morning with a friend and we got on a few hours later!  I would definitely sleep in the car to have another go at it!