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See the Full Range of FJ ICON Styles

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FJ ICON is here. Click on the image below to see the 19 stock styles. Pre-order today for delivery later this summer (depending on the style/size combination). Visit our Dealer Locator to find an authorized FJ reseller in your area. If you can't find the exact style to suit your unique personality, use your imagination to visualize more than 2.5 million style combinations available through the MyJoys program! Coming late summer 2009. Click here to read an interview with FootJoy's Vice President of Golf Footwear, Jack Erickson about the new FJ ICON. Click here to see some of the players who put the new FJ ICON in play during THE PLAYERS Championship and click here to view the FJ ICON product pages on *** Please note, the actual cleats in the new FJ ICON line will be Stinger III by Champ, shown in image #20. ***

Click here to begin the slideshow.:

  • Tony -

    We are shooting for a late summer launch of FJ ICON in our MyJoys program.  We will certainly make an announcement to our consumer database when they are ready to go.



  • Mr. McGee -

    Very sorry for the inconvenience, we would be glad to help you.  You can reach our Consumer Relations Department directly at 800-596-1003.

  • what are size width's that the saddle shoe models come (eg. 12EEE)? can i purchase them online? what are the prices? congrats on some good looking models

  • Seriously.........women's golf shoes, including Footjoys, get more ugly by the year!!

    Give us some classic FJ styles in customizeable colors, and stop catering to the guys all the time!!

  • I own 8 pair of FJ's and like the mellow style more, while younger golfers will like these new and retro styles. The leather sole has always held up better than the rubber ones for me. Good luck with these new models.

    55 yrs old, 3 handicap

  • Mr. Kondzielaski -

    Stock FJ ICON shoes will be available in 4 widths. Additional widths are being explored for inclusion in our MyJoys program.



  • These are looking pretty sweet. The Asymmetrical pattern is killer. I can't wait to customize a pair.

  • Mr. Etzwiler -

    You can get a look at each shoe's size chart by visiting the individual product pages on  Here is a link to the brown / white traditional saddle.  Just click on the "Sizes" button.  MSRP for FJ ICON shoes is $250.

    We don’t sell direct to consumers, but you can visit our dealer locator to find the nearest FJ Reseller in your area :



  • Brooke, Mary and Frances,

    I am sorry that you have found it difficult to find FootJoy styles/colors to suit your needs.  Stay tuned as we will be offering styles in 2009-2010 (available this summer) which may be right up your alley.  In the meantime, please visit where you can literally design your own shoes from an extensive color palette and 3 distinct style/pattern options.


    Mike Foley

  • where are these shoes manufactured?

  • FootJoy is a vertically integrated company. We are making FJ ICON along with all of our other shoes at our manufacturing facility in China.


    Mike Foley

    Director of Footwear Marketing

  • WOW- excellent job on the design and style. FootJoy continues to prove why it is the leader in the golf shoe category. Looking forward to slipping a pair of these on!

  • AWESOME! FJ has it nailed! a performance shoe,  with a hot new look,  yet keeping the classic style that has made them number #1!

  • Love Footjoy, but I am guessing that these are going to replace the classics line then?  Other than 2 styles, I am pretty disappointed with the new line.  These aren't that attractive....

  • 250 is 2x more than these "look." I was more than happy to buy 20+ pair of classics/tours over the past 10 years... at 250+/pop... I do not see paying 250 for "SLIGHTLY" dressed up Dryjoys. The uppers are VERY disappointing... sure accent leathers are "fine" but the primary leather really looks like ya'll cheeped out.