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See the Full Range of FJ ICON Styles

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FJ ICON is here. Click on the image below to see the 19 stock styles. Pre-order today for delivery later this summer (depending on the style/size combination). Visit our Dealer Locator to find an authorized FJ reseller in your area. If you can't find the exact style to suit your unique personality, use your imagination to visualize more than 2.5 million style combinations available through the MyJoys program! Coming late summer 2009. Click here to read an interview with FootJoy's Vice President of Golf Footwear, Jack Erickson about the new FJ ICON. Click here to see some of the players who put the new FJ ICON in play during THE PLAYERS Championship and click here to view the FJ ICON product pages on *** Please note, the actual cleats in the new FJ ICON line will be Stinger III by Champ, shown in image #20. ***

Click here to begin the slideshow.:

  • Footjoy is the greatest shoe maker when it comes to golf shoes and the best selections in style and comfort..

  • I'd love it if they paid attention to us Diabetic golfer's as we need a softer foot bed. I love my ReelFits but the toe is too narrow for comfort, and that's in the wide fitting. Good looking shoes though.

  • I agree with Richard, I have played golf for 48 years and THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THE LOOK AND FEEL OF FOOTJOY CLASSICS. I hope the new ICON will come close.

  • Great style. Footjoy has returned back to it's great stlye. Thank you. I will purchase the new Footjoys.

  • I really like the new style in your shoes. They are really impressive. I will definitly purchase a new pair of Footjoys.

  • that welt you're bemoaning was what happened to the bottom of your foot when they got worn out (which took quite a while).  While I miss those classic designs and materials, the new stuff wears great and is much lighter.

  • Why doesn't FOOTJOY bring back the old CORDOVAN or BURGANDY colored shoe as a standard choice?  That is a great color and I have some old FOOTJOY's that everyone asks me where I can get a pair.  I say, "Sorry-obsolete."

  • I've owned FJs since I began playing golf (almost 40 years ago) and always loved the style/fit/feel.  I have a narrow foot and must admit I've begun purchasing other brands due to the fact the FJ seems to limit the narrow (B width with AA heel) widths to only the simplest/most common shoe style/color.

    Give those of us with narrow feet a chance to enjoy the entire line-up (even if only the MyJoys process).

  • Great looking shoes. Glad to see them offered in numerous choices. Still like my Classics, but will try these when I need new shoes.

  • Mr. Milligan -

    Do to our extensive product development and testing processes, we are confident that FJ ICON shoes will be every bit as durable as every other shoe in our product line.  To answer your second question, the MSRP or FJ ICON shoes is $250.

  • John --

    We don't sell direct to consumers, but you can visit our dealer locator to find the nearest FJ Reseller in your area :



  • Mr. Gagliano --

    We still manufacture two sneaker-style walking shoes.  They can be found here >>

    Hope this helps.


  • Mr. Leonard -

    Stock FJ ICON shoes will be available in 4 widths. Additional widths are being explored for inclusion in our MyJoys program.

    Thank you for your question.

  • Mr. Desjardins -

    FJ ICON styles will become available beginning in the July/August timeframe.  Specific availability depends on the style/size combination as well as existing orders placed before yours.

    The MSRP for FJ ICON shoes is $250.



  • Mr. Forde -

    One of the advantages of new FJ ICON is the removable fit-bed.  You are now able to insert any custom orthodic or specialized after-market footbed you like.

    If you are looking for a super soft underfoot ride, you should take a look at our Contour Series golf shoes.  You won't believe the underfoot softness and flexibility.