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The launch of FJ ICON is happening right before your very eyes. You're seeing the new standard in luxurious performance golf shoes at the same time as the world's best players. Many Tour players saw and tested their first pair of FJ Icon at THE PLAYERS Championship. Click on the image below to see some of the many players who put them in play at the first opportunity.

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  • does this man an end to classics?  Is the fit bed removable.  I wear custom orthocis in uk and bought some classic tour rf when in US as well as wearing gelfusion II etc

    Please advise

  • Those are sweet! Congratulations to Footjoy on making an awesome new shoe!

  • Simon -

    Yes, one of the advantages of new FJ ICON is the removable fit-bed. You are now able to insert any custom orthodic or specialized after-market footbed you like.



  • one query,..FJ Icon better or Synr-g ? any advise from public pls. thnxs