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Sneak Peek at What's Coming from FootJoy...

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We were recently invited to a high level discussion about what's coming next from FootJoy and were able to grab some preview images. Stay tuned for more later this Spring...

Click here to begin the slideshow.:

  • Here, here!!!!!!!

  • I agree. I am sure that it is a major difference between things hand made (not only) in the USA vs China. I personally will not wear anything but Footjoy Classics Dry Premiere. I own six pair of them. They are a golf shoe and do not look like a gym shoe.

    The classic golf shoe is the best looking style and I bought them because I like look like as a golfer.

    I have been playing and been a customer for over 30 years. I am keep going to play golf, but I am not going to be a customer anymoore.

    chrille from sweden

  • Foot Joy , Can't you people bring back the cooljoy slides mine are two years old and I like them , but I need a new pair. They are pretty good and the price was right , bring them back  Thank's

    Slide Boy