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Sneak Peek at What's Coming from FootJoy...

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We were recently invited to a high level discussion about what's coming next from FootJoy and were able to grab some preview images. Stay tuned for more later this Spring...

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  • I'm only 15 and i am a huge fan of Footjoy Classics and it would be a disgrace to remove the traditional, classy shoes from the product line. Not only do older golfers like the Footjoy Classics, but many younger ones too. Footjoy Classics are the only shoes that are still traditional,and I would not like to wear golf shoes that look like running shoes.

  • please do not use the "fj" logo like in the pictures. the small, simple logo like on the classics and classics tours is all that is necessary on the new shoes. the large "fj" logo looks tacky and ruins the classy look. people will know when they first see the shoes exactly who makes them.

  • I think that stopping production of the Classics line would be a huge mistake as there is very little choice nowadays in a traditional style of golf shoe that boasts being both comfortable and classy, Footjoy Classics are the best shoe in golf yet they are stopping making them??? It would be interesting what the guys on tour think of this as many of them wear the Classics, the Dryjoys are the closest you will be able to get to a traditional golf shoe and even they are begining to look slightly futureistic so what would we have then? Although i have  made a few negative coments here i am still looking forward to seeing the new line

  • Footjoy already discontinued the best looking dryjoy shoe (the all white dryjoys pro from 2005 or so), please don't disappoint loyal FJ fans again by getting rid of the Classics.

    I proudly wear only Footjoy golf shoes, I hope that doesn't change...

  • I am 15 and have been playing for only four years, even so i can't imagine playing golf without my all white classics gleming in the sun, golf without my classics wouldn't be golf at all


  • Hi Mike and FJ's fans. I am 33 years old and I have been wearing Classics for 18 years. I have 12 pairs of Classics in my locker currently, including 3 pairs of Classics Exotic Lizard. The day I found out the Brockton factory was closing was horrible. The Classics are the only golf shoes I wear because, for me, they represent the real style of classic golf and they are perfect for playing. All my golf friends are like me. some of them have more than 25 pairs in their dressing room (don't worry they are sponsored by FootJoy). All that to say that me and my buddies will miss the Classics a lot! We hope that the new line will offer us the same quality and style as the Brockton ones. I am very impatient to see the future Classics. Please post some new pictures.

    PS: Sorry for my English I am French.

  • I for one is very disappointed that the classics are leaving us. I currently own over 15 pair of classics and they are all stunning! Might be time to start looking into another brand.

  • FootJoy Classics Dry Premiere... there isn't any shoe like it.  That is all I have ever owned.  Don't get rid of them!  If that's the case I'm buying 4 or 5 pair to last me.

  • I'm with you, Skip. I buy Footjoy Classics Tour because they're built HERE! I refuse to buy footwear manufactured overseas. ALL of my running shoes are New Balance...made here. When I wear out all the Footjoys I have, I guess I'll just have to give up the game!

  • Get over it, grandpa.

  • hey looks like theres gonna be some wingtips still!

  • When will we be able to see the new line of high-end shoes from Footjoy?  Will they be more competitively priced without compromising quality?  When will they be at retailers?  I have 10 pairs of Classics, but I've also added some of Dryjoys tech shoes to my closet, which very honestly, I find more comfortable for walking the course... the flexible soles and cushioning in particular.  However, the traditional styling of the Classics is unmatched.

  • I've just started playing in the last 5 years and have already made some pretty fundamental kit decisions.

    When it comes to shoes, Classics are the only choice. I'm a young(ish) guy so love some of the bolder colour schemes, but when it comes to the quality, heritage and the classic styling and manufacturing, nothing comes close to the Classics - It has no competition in my mind and will wear nothing else for a competitive round.

    Why not drop some of the many choices at the lower end of the wide range and leave the Classics alone for those many loyal customers that will own multiple pairs (like myself) rather than a single low-end pair. Hope that sounds how I intended it to.

    I have no doubt the new shoe will be great ... but will it be truly 'Classic'?

  • I have heard that FJ will stop making shoes here in America.  This is unfortunate.  I'd pay more (considerably more) for an American-made product. This is the only way we're going to save this country...to save our manufacturing of classic, timeless and quality items. I will miss the Classics but will keep my loyalty to FJ.


  • I was very disappointed that the FJ Classics were discontinued, I own 8 pair. I am however confident that Footjoy will bring a new, exciting, and quality product to the market. My only request is that you make them available very soon, I need some fresh looks for this spring!!