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Sneak Peek at What's Coming from FootJoy...

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We were recently invited to a high level discussion about what's coming next from FootJoy and were able to grab some preview images. Stay tuned for more later this Spring...

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  • Hi Simon -

    There will be plenty of choices in "traditional" styling from which to choose.



  • Hi Paul -

    Any authorized FJ reseller would have the opportunity to order Classics shoes that are still in our warehouse.  Our customer service reps will be happy to assist them.

    To find the most convenient place for you, visit out Dealer Locator :


    Hope this helps,


  • Mike:

    Since the Classics are being dis-continued, is there a special place where we can order the remaining stock, say 3 or 4 pair in our size, that could keep us "stocked-up" on Classics for the next couple of years? I'm sure I'll order some of the new ones, but it would be nice to have some Classics in the garage!!

  • What about classics for women?  They were my favorite shoes and fit my narrow feet (AA width) perfectly.

  • Sounds reminiscent of a golf glove that was discontinued a few years ago....the FJ Spider.  Apparently FJ doesn't make enough money selling products that are more durable, so they just take them off the shelves!

  • i will too,miss the classie looking shoe.

  • I am a 16 yr old high school golfer that plays as much golf as anyone. I know MANY other junior golfers who would agree with me that the classic footjoy look is not only the best but also what any decent golfer wants. I dont know of many people that like the modern synthetic look. I realize you are trying to combine the two but if it doesnt come out correctly you will be losing a large amount of customers

  • This new line of footwear looks like an adequate replacement for the Classics.  Let's just hope the price point has been adjusted as well.

  • Nick --

    We hear you. I assure you that we will stay very true to the traditional styling that we have become known for in this premium performance segment.

    Take care,


  • I am 33 and have worn Classics since I was a shop assistant in high school.  My first few pairs were at a discount and since then I have owned many pairs of classics and most recently classics dry premiere.  I have enjoyed the shoes over the years and will still buy FJ shoes, gloves along with my DryJoys rain gear...not to mention Titleist balls.  In fact my favorite pair of classics are a pair of 10 year old black wingtips that still look great.  Thank you and I look forward to what's next!!

  • FJ Fan,

    ..>>"our production volumes would have dropped well below 50,000 pair this year, making it impossible to support even the 100 workers that we had left.."<<

    I would never let the facts get in the way of *your opinion*  ... read the facts and learn something.

    --  http://desertcaddie.com/?p=395

    I just spent the last 2 days at the Masters,  most players aren't wearing FJ's unless they were given  ..   that said, you do see many new Pumas, the new Adidas tour/sport 360's    there are many new Nike Vapors being worn, plus Tigers new air Zooms, and the new Ecco's are popular and you see them everywhere being played on courses from Myrtle Beach to Miami.

    No one is knocking FJ's, I own 2 pair myself  -  but they need to get with the 21st Century   ...   not everyone wants to look and play like Fred Flintstone.


  • I currently own 6 Pair of Classic Golf Shoes. 2 pair that are 30 years old and resoled once, and 4 Pair of Classic Street Shoes. I can only hope you are correct about the quality of the new premium shoe. From personal experience the produced overseas products FJ has on the market are junk compared to my Classics. I have 4 pair of E Comforts all less that 4 years old. 3 of the 4 pair are ready for the trash. To say the least, I have been very disappointed with the E Comfort quality.

  • I\'m just a few years ahead of you Nick and I can tell you NOBODY wears the athletic style golf shoes in college. It\'s all about the classics man. Golfers without classics is is like hockey players without skates. Not a good call Footjoy, I\'m disappointed with all the rest of you.

  • I'm glad I bought the premier exotics last year so I could experience the greatest shoe in golf.

    I can't believe a company that is that great at making the perfect golf shoe would just quit without something up their sleeve.  I will wait and see the replacement before having an opinion. The synr-g (which I also own) seems to be a great shoe but I'm glad it's not the replacement for the classic.

  • Thanks for the preview! I can't wait to see the new line and it's great to hear that FJ is sticking with a traditional option for us guys who don't want to look like we could be running a marathon on the golf course.