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Sneak Peek at What's Coming from FootJoy...

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We were recently invited to a high level discussion about what's coming next from FootJoy and were able to grab some preview images. Stay tuned for more later this Spring...

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  • These look very sharp! Looks like some traditional styles but some very modern, contemporary ones. Can't wait to see them on the shelves

  • i would switch to another manufacturer, before wearing a shoe that did not look like a traditional golf shoe.

  • I want to add my praises to the Classics. That you named them Classics is all that needs to be said about their style, but the fit is the BEST. I still carry the card that I was given when I had my feet measured by your machine in your store at the World Golf Village near St Augustine, Fl.

    I can't wait to see the styles of your new shoes

    Tony Silvestri

  • When I play basketball I wear sneakers. When I play golf I wear golf shoes NOT sneakers. No more classics? I'll have to look elsewere. Etonic make a nice shoe.

  • FootJoy's Classics were the shoe that fit. Those of us with narrow feet have fewer and fewer choices in footwear. Please tell me that the replacement product will be available in A,A,C,D,E widths not just catch all catagories like Narrow, Medium, and Wide.

  • I also will be disappointed with the end of the "Classic"! For me it's not only a quality thing, it's a size (6.5 M) thing. FoorJoy is one of a few companies that carried my size on a special order and the only one that has such a high quality! I own 6 pairs, 3 teaching and 3 playing Classics. I will now have to purchase off-brand shoes with less or no quality. Bummer!

  • I've had a few pairs of FJ Classics for wet weather golf, but my favorite golf shoes are my old black and white leather wing tip spectators. I had the spikes replaced with so called 'amtrack' soft spikes years ago to be clubhouse friendly and frankly nothing compares to them....P.S. I also miss the FJ Retail Shoe Store in upper Manhattan that closed so many years ago. The pro shops today don't carry the complete FJ line and ordering from a catalog is gross...FJ has my vote for golf shoes!....djm

  • I own three pairs of Classics. Will the new premium shoe be "premium" in price only while being made in the same factory that makes plastic shoes for Wal-Mart? Let's see, third generation craftsman working for a lifetime in our Brockton MA. factory or a Chinese teenager working for a dollar an hour? Business decision indeed. I think it's pretty easy to see who's getting the business here...

  • Sid -

    The game today requires manufacturers like FJ to service golfers with products that span the spectrum from traditional to contemporary.  You can rest easy that this new category will have styling and customization capabilities that will appeal to both segments.



  • I did not know this was happening! I purchased 2 pair this week, from Woburn Golf club in the UK,home of the "Greatest golfer on the planet" Ian Poulter, well perhaps later Ian!

    If they are not being made any more I will have to play with mine rapped in polythene bags, or get my caddy to carry me around.

    All these people emailing in that are wearing hundreds of pairs of Classic shoes, I wonder how many have appeared in the FJ adds, the guys that pay for their shoes! Come on FJ get a grip.

  • Kenneth-

    Your comments (like those of many traditional golfers) are taken very seriously here at FJ.  Please know that we will have PLENTY of traditional styling for you.

    Best Regards!


  • It was a sad day when FJ announced the closing of the Brockton plant and the accompanying layoffs of the 100 or so craftsmen who have made these fine shoes.

    Nothing is or will be the same as the Classics. I have eight pairs and they just have the look of quality and class.  I have played in other shoes, but they just don't look or feel the same.

    The industry has been hi-jacked by companies bent on forcing us all to wear soccer-style shoes.  I sincerely hope that the new FJ premium shoes will contain some of the looks and quality of the Classics.  Unfortunately, they will probably be made offshore, rather than in the USA.

    Oh well - we just live in a world dominated by bottom lines and, as a result, quality and standards go out of the window.

    Sadly yours.

  • Not to worry Ron, we will still be able to service your size in our new category, as well a golfers at the opposite end of the spectrum.

  • Hi,

    I am proud to have 12 pairs of FJ'S Classics include 3 pairs of Expotic lizard. The day I have known that you will close the factory, was one of the worst day of my life. I know a lot of pei=ople who wear only like me Classics line. I have post a lot of topics on GolfWrx and other forums with pictures. All that to say that the new premium line must be as class and craft with the same quality as the ex Classics line.

    (Sorry for my English, I am French)


  • Greg --

    Thank you for your comments.  We absolutely hear you and realize that products at this premium segment of the market need to appeal to both traditional and contemporary golfers.  What you will see this summer is a category of shoes that features...

    1. Finely tailored upper designs that include traditional and contemporary patterns

    2. The most premium performance materials

    3. Fashionable calfskin leather detailing

    4. Performance-infused spiked and spikeless outsoles

    5. Customization that allows for a seemingly endless amount of design and size options.

    I have seen the shoes first hand and can assure you that you will like what you see.