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Sneak Peek at What's Coming from FootJoy...

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We were recently invited to a high level discussion about what's coming next from FootJoy and were able to grab some preview images. Stay tuned for more later this Spring...

Click here to begin the slideshow.:

  • I wear FootJoy Classics rubber soled "teaching" shoes to work in..have at least 8 pair and play golf using Classics Tour..have 8 pairs. I cannot get "enough" of this quality product. Your happy feet are key to being healthy. I, too, think the logo should be small and tasteful...

  • One of the things I always liked about most Classics was having the FJ logo on the top-side of the shoe.  I thought I would never buy a Classic with a rubber sole but the Classic Tour was an awesome shoe, although I did not like the logo on the side of the heel.  I am not impressed with the slide show, but I will wait until I see the new line in person before passing judgment.

  • I agree the classics were always my favorite, they never go out of style.   Always a favorite, it will be disappointing and missed.

  • I had the opportunity to tour the Classics factory in 2000. All I can say is that it was an awesome tour !!! The labor of love that goes into the Classics is phenomonal. I have 10 pair of Spikeless and Casual Walkers and without a doubt the BEST shoes I own. So for all you Classics owners, give them the TLC they deserve and you will have them forever.

  • I to will also miss my favorite shoe.....the CLASSIC

  • Well I hope you're not totally giving in to the more youthful styles of today. There are are still plenty of us older guys that like a classy looking shoe that looks like a real golf shoe.

  • I too like golf shoes that look like golf shoes.  In particular, I really like your shoes with a design like your model 50687 and 50775.  I would especially like to see these designs in your Dryjoy line of shoes.

  • I have worn the Classics for nearly forty years and have over 15 pairs, some of which are over 30 years old but still are in very good condition.  FJ should recognize that the Classics have a very large following are are all surprised and saddened by their discontinuation.

  • A timeless Classic!  What can you say about panache?  I guess the powers to be at Footjoy are attempting to identify a new market.  Unfortunately, whatever comes next must be better or I will need to find a new shoe to wear.

  • Classics.....I agree they are a golf shoe and do not look like a gym shoe.

    Not only that, they keep their shape and dont end up with a loose fitting shoe that has relaxed in a short time. Please keep the Classic, probably the reason why they dont want us to buy them is that they last three times as long as the others!

  • Yup, I agree with those FJ Classics lovers, without a doubt, they just make you play feel like you're in control.  Don't stop making them.

  • Footjoy has been at the top of the golf shoe industry for the entirety of its existence.  They are so comfortable and actually have quality styles other than three stripes and a swoosh.  Discontinuing the Classics is like discontinuing the Mercedes s-class. It just does not make sense to stop making the best thing out there even if few people are buying it. Just scale back production.

  • When FootJoy announced they were closing the best golf shoe factory in the USA, I guess we all should have been aware that the death of the Classics/Classic Dry Premier may well be the death of FootJoy in the area of shoes. I own Dry Premiers and DryJoys. Have had FootJoy shoes for many, many years and have never had a better fitting shoe. Now where are the shoes being made?? China. We will see how long they last and how well they fit. My guess is not up to the standard of US made shoes.

    Gary Briesemeister

  • Please realize that this is NOT the end of the comfortable, premium, CLASSIC leather designs you have come to love over the years.  It was merely a business decision (see FJ President Jim Connor's explanation behind the decision)

    And to C-Ray, I only wish you had let the facts get in the way of your opinion.  While the Classics line was the foundation of what built FootJoy, it most certainly was not the bulk of sales, and was an annual profit killer.  FJ is still the market leader across ALL footwear categories by a WIDE margin.

    Fear not, as the FJ brand is as strong as ever.  There WILL be a premium leather prescence for as long as FJ is around, and these new, exciting offerings will be BEST-IN-CLASS.  The only difference is that they will be produced overseas.  Yes, in the same factory that has traditionally produced the most comfortable shoes in golf (i.e. SYNR-G, DryJoys, etc.).  Unlike some other manufacturers, they OWN their own shoe and glove factories, so you can be assured that quality is second-to-none.

    Get ready for the next generation of premium, tour-quality footwear featuring the best leather in the world.  I know I'll be wearing them, no matter where they are produced.  The #1 Shoe in Golf will remain so until proven otherwise.

    Keep up the GREAT work FootJoy.

  • 15 pairs, thats a whole bunch of shoes. Maybe we should send a few of those shoes to kids who could use them. Last time I checked you can only wear one pair at a time. As footjoy might say, get a grip !!!

    Love the game.