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** UPDATE - WE HAD A WINNER THIS MORNING. CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWERS AND THE PRIZE. Can you identify the nine players in the image below? They are just some of the players who are wearing an FJ logo on their collar in 2009. We've got a special, autographed item from the FJ vault for the first person to correctly guess all nine. Click on COMMENTS and give us your best shot. We'll let you know how many you got correct and might even provide some hints...

  • Nice try Kimberly.

  • 1. Steve Stricker

    2. Hunter Mahan

    3. Bill Haas

    4. Aaron Obelhoser

    5. Ian Poulter

    6. Brett Wetterich

    7. Charley Hoffman

    8. Webb Simpson

    9. Troy Matteson

  • Nope. Sorry.

  • Sorry Dano. Try again. You're close.

  • Close.

  • Incorrect.

  • Sorry Brad.

  • Great guesses, but not 100%.

  • Craig, those are HORRIBLE picks! Just kidding. I can tease cause you're a PC grad.

  • 1-Steve Stricker

    2-Derek Fathauer

    3-Bill Haas (although it could be Robert Garrigus)

    4-Arron Oberholser

    5-Brian Gay

    6-Bret Wetterich

    7-Charley Hoffman

    8-Webb Simpson

    9-Troy Matteson

  • I think I was wrong

    5 is Eric Axley

  • 1. steve stricker

    2. derek fathuer

    3. bill haas

    4. aaron oberholser

    5. adam scott

    6. j b holmes

    7. charlie hoffman

    8. adam scott

    9. try matteson

  • Sorry Ryan. You're all in the same ballpark.

  • 1. Steve Stricker

    2. Derek Fauthauer

    3. Brendon de Jonge

    4. Aaron Oberholser

    5. Chez Reavie

    6. JB Holmes

    7. Charlie Hoffman

    8. Web Simpson

    9. Troy Matteson

  • 1. Steve Sticker

    2.Jarrod Lyle

    3.Bill Haas

    4.Bart Bryant

    5.John Maliinger

    6.Brett Wetterlich

    7.Charlie Hoffman

    8.Webb Simpson

    9.Troy Matteson