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Can you identify the 11 players in the image below based solely on their footwear? They are just some of the many players who, once again, made FootJoy the #1 shoe in golf in 2008. Click on COMMENTS and give us your best shot. You probably saw all of them on the blog at some point this season... We'll let you know how many you got correct and might even provide some hints...

  • #6. Inbee Park

  • #6. Karen Stupples?

    #10. Vijay?

    Trying to get my perfect 11 for 11

    thanks for the link love as well.  the purple tipped are indeed my weekend show of choice

  • Sorry Tim, that was already guessed.

  • You've got 10 right, just missing #6. Sorry Tim. You've still got time to get #6 if you want another guess.

  • no on #6, yes on #10. And no sweat on the website link. We love supporting fellow FootJoy fans. Good luck in your quest for the card!

    I think we have all correct at this point except #6. One final hint before the answers are revealed at 3pm....she's Korean...

  • 6. Jeong Jang

  • what's the prize?

  • Tim is the proud owner of a limited edition USA SciFlex glove. We'll be doing more of these features down the road, so be sure to come back regularly. And let us know if there's something you want to see or someone you want to hear from. Our objective is to get you as close to the FJ brand as we can! Thanks again for visiting.

  • 1. Ryuji Immada

    2. Ben Curtis

    3. Zach Johnson

    4. Davis Love III

    5. Steve Stricker

    6. Karen Stupples

    7. Lorena Ochoa

    8. Ian Poulter

    9. Robert Karlsson

    10. Vijay Singh

    11. Boo Weekley

  • Come on, people. #6 is none other than Christina Kim.

    Footjoy Rules.

  • Ummm, actually Shawn, #6 is Jeong Jang. Good guess though.