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Tour Insider: Open Championship Thursday

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They say winning The Open Championship often depends no the tee times you draw...and that pretty much sums up the first day at this year's championship when a drastic turn in the weather almost made it seem like two different days. For those that went out first, they were greeted by 30 mph winds and sideways rain, leading to a scoring average that was three shots higher (77.4 vs, 74.4) than the afternoon wave of players. In fact, 19 of the 78 players who teed off in the morning shot 80 or higher. Not one player in the afternoon shot 80 or above. Not a great day for golf, but a perfect day for Footjoy Performance Outerwear! Might be time to send a box of chocolates or a set of car keys to the guy who makes those tee times... Check out these images from Thursday at The Open Championship.

Click here to begin the slideshow.: < 'Hey, I got an extra ticket to The Open on Thursday. You wanna go?'

  • Can you get the model that adam has on, in the colours, in store now ? or soon ?

    And what are the model ? Is it the tour collection, or the performance light ?

  • Hi Jeppe,

    The outerwear that Adam is wearing is from our European "Red Label Collection." You can view all the pieces on our UK website ( However, for those in the US, you should check out the new DryJoys Tour Collection of outerwear which will provide a more athletic fit than previous generations, as well as many other new performance features, and will even include some open-bottom pieces. Check out for more and look for the new collection in golf shops in September.