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Exclusive Products for the U.S. Open

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When the world watches the U.S. Open this year from Torrey Pines, we want to make sure our FootJoy players stand out from the crowd. That's why we've created some exclusive products for our players so they can not only fly the nation's colors but look their best as they chase the championship. Check out the slideshow to see some sweet new FJ products that will make their debut on the first tee at Torrey Pines. You might even catch a glimpse of some products in the upcoming 2008-2009 FootJoy line...

Click here to begin the slideshow.:



  • are us open products available for pre-order?



  • The US Open product line is absolutely spectacular. Congratulations.

  • I love the glove and now really love the new design.  Where can I buy one?

  • Great looking products. Will you have them available to the general public? If so when?

  • I really want the SCIFlex American glove! Are those going to be for sale?

  • I currently own 14 prs of Foot Joys Shoes, and have always worn them since I started to play golf, which is alot of years.

  • OK now that you have teased us with that US Open glove can normal humans buy it????

  • I'd like to know the name of shop where w can buy Exclusive US Open products / shoes etc.../

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • I like them, How can I get them?

  • Thanks to everyone for their excitement and interest in our special U.S. Open products.

    We have a few different red, white and blue shoes featured in this article.  The first are custom Classics which can be ordered though a golf shop near you.  The second bunch that were featured are MyJoys shoes.  You can not only order the shoes you see in this slideshow, but you can customize a pair of shoes from tens of thousands of different style, color, and size options.  Visit http://www.myjoys.com for more information.  MyJoys can also be ordered from any golf shop that carries FJ products.

    The glove shown is actually a "special make-up" style that we had rushed in just in time for the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines.  While this exact style is not available to the public, SciFlex gloves are available in golf shops nationwide in an array of different colors (including red and blue).  Check out the full color selection of of SciFlex gloves at www.footjoy.com/.../mens.asp .

  • What a great idea !!  Are these products available to the public?  I consider myself very patriotic and would very much like to show my pride in my country.

  • I hope you will make the gloves for women also. We like to show support, too.

  • You can see by the response and that this is most interesting golf glove I have seen.  Why do you put something on your site if it's not available to us, the little guy, that makes up the most of your market. Put out the American SciFlex Glove so we can all enjoy them!

  • Hey, thanks for the info, but I want "that" glove, in that style and colors.  What is the difference between the "special make-up" and some ordinary SciFlex glove?   What ever it is, that's what I want.  Are you saying consumers are NOT special enough to warrant being able to purchase one of these gloves?  If your player reps play one thing and sell me another, what good is it?  Being able to play the same course, the same equipment as the pros is what got me turned onto golf in the first place, Please don't break my heart, please, say it ain't so and let us order these gloves.

    I do not wish to be offensive, just passionate.

    John H.