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  • MyJoy ICON Delivery

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    Just to give you a timeline on the pair of MyJoy ICONs that I have ordered.

    • Placed order through our commercial account on 6 October
    • Order was quoted to ship 5 November
    • Order now shows SHIPPED (15 October)
    • Expected delivery is 22 October by 10:30 AM

    Pretty good turn-around time for a pair of custom shoes!!!!

    I will update this when the shoes actually arrive.

    UPDATE: Shipment shows arrived in Newark NJ. I still can't believe how fast FJ is able to make a custom pair of shoes and get them shipped from the factory!

    UPDATE 2: The experience gets even better....This pair of shoes was delivered this morning! A full 3 days ahead of the FEDEX quoted delivery date. When I get home I will post pictures.

  • Re: New Base Colors Added to MyJoys!

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    Tar Heel - 

    Here are the shoes you requested.

    #1 Black Smooth Base, Black Caimen 604 Saddle, Light Blue 430 Accent

    #2 Light Blue 430 Base, Black Caimen 604 Saddle and Accent

    #3 Black Smooth Base, Light Blue 430 Saddle

    #4 (bonus) Light Blue 430 Base, Blue Patent 440 Saddle and Accent

    #5 (bonus) Light Blue 430 Base, White Patent 468 Saddle and Accent