How do the new FJ Icon shoes compare to the Classic Dry Premier shoe in terms of comfort? It is a bit disappointing that I will not be able to get CDPs in the future, these are all I have worn for many years.

Well, this is a tough question to answer as everyone's feet are different but we can assure you that the new FJ ICON shoes have several new advancements that should give you a very comfortable and precise fit and ride in addition to the stability and performance you expect from premium FootJoy golf shoes. We actually borrowed some of the technology found in other best selling categories like SYNR-G (memory foam lined collar/tongue) and DryJoys (Dual OptiFlex Zones in the outsole) so FJ ICON truly represents the "best of the best" FootJoy technology. One sentiment that I can share from speaking with the Tour pros and from wearing them myself, is that FJ ICON is lighter and the CDP's, especially in wet conditions. But, like I said, everyone is different. All I can recommend is that you go to your nearest FJ dealer and try them on for yourself!  Please let us know if you would like more information/comparisons and we'll do our best to respond.