SnugFit tongue

You may consider it a stretch to think about the tongue of a shoe as an important component that delivers actual benefits. However, think back to shoes you've had where the tongue would wander off to the side or was too thick or too thin and caused discomfort on the top of your foot. With over 150 years of shoe making experience, we have learned that every component, every material and every stitch in making a golf shoe is critical to the overall comfort and performance.

The SnugFit tongue does what a tongue is supposed to do, and maybe a little bit more. It is designed with various materials and densities to conform to the top of your foot and provide better fit, comfort and protection. It also includes MicroVent™ technology for enhanced breathability.

Did You Know…you should have a thumbs width between the top two eyelets of a laced golf shoe? More than a thumbs width, the shoe is likely too small/narrow; Less than a thumbs width, the shoe is likely too big/wide.

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