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  • Tuesday at the Northern Trust Open

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    [Gallery: 10_riviera_tues]

    Things really picked up on Tuesday and it was a full day talking to players about all the sweet FJ options available in 2010. A lot of players were looking for an all white FJ ICON, although some, like Hunter Mahan wanted to add a little flair by including an exotic print like the pearl lizard or white patent from MyJoys. Others wanted to really integrate some color in their wardrobe like Clemson grad DJ Trahan who ordered several pair with Clemson orange and he also added a traditional saddle with the new digital camo print. Overall, the players are very happy with the FJ ICON category and rave about how light they are, yet they still receive all the stability they need to perform at the highest level.

    The new FJ SPORT is also generating some buzz amongst the players and other Tour staff who stop by. Already worn by 3-time major champion, Padraig Harrington, the bold styles just jump off the table and when players learn how stable the shoe is, they are eager to try a pair. This shoe could really take off in 2010.

    We captured some great photos of FJ players out on the range and also got some video with the guys which we will share in the coming weeks. Enjoy!


  • Monday at the Northern Trust Open

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    [Gallery: 10_riviera_mon]

    We landed a little groggy from the cross-country flight but managed to stop by Riviera Country Club for a few hours and see what was going on. We'll be setting up shop on the range the next two days to check in with the FJ players in the field and have brought along MyJoys extraordinaire Rita Lepage to assist the players who are feeling a little creative and want to design some new styles for the upcoming season. We use these opportunities to not only ensure the players have the equipment they need, but also to learn from them. They are vital to our design and development process and can provide exceptional feedback on every aspect of the our shoes, gloves and outerwear pieces so it's always great to catch up with them onsite. We'll try to check in with as many of our players as we can over the next two days and, considering we have around 60% of every field, we certainly have our work cut out for us.

    Monday is a great day to visit a Tour event, even if just for a few hours. The players are relaxed and very accommodating to fans who have shown up and the atmosphere is loose and fun. Many are just arriving and getting comfortable, may hit a few balls on the range, check in with the equipment trucks onsite and then had back to the hotel to relax. We caught up with a few FJ players who were out practicing, including Padraig Harrington who appeared to be in full preparation mode. You may be surprised to see what Paddy had on his feet on Monday. Check out the slideshow to learn more and to see some shots from around the course.