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  • Deutsche Bank Championship - Tour Players Respond to Your Questions

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    We recently asked you what questions you would like us to ask the Tour players at the Deutsche Bank Championship and got some great responses. Mondo wanted to know how they maintain their concentration throughout the round, drewb6108 wanted to know how often they change their gloves and golfchick, memphisunited and fairwaytoheaven had some questions about style. Well, we asked and they answered! Click on the image below to see their responses.

    What other questions do you have for the players?

  • FJ Challenge #3 Answers

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    Thanks to everyone who participating in the third FJ Challenge. Despite making this one even more difficult than the previous two, we were once again very impressed with the caliber of answers. Banderson is the winner of a new FootJoy ProDry Superlite golf shirt! We'll be doing another contest soon, so stay tuned. Click below to see the players unveiled.

    [Gallery: fj_challenge_3_answers]

  • Take the FJ Challenge #3

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    Once again, we're testing your knowledge of FJ players on Tour based solely on their footwear. Can you identify these 11 players who help make FootJoy the #1 shoe in golf? First person to guess all 11 correctly will win a prize (sorry, U.S. residents only). Click on COMMENTS to submit your guess.

  • Who on Tour is Totally Styling in Their FJ's?

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    We asked a group of our Tour players who they thought was totally styling in their FJ's and received a very wide range of answers. Ultimately, though, it came down to a battle between two of our most prominent players....click on the image to see who received the most votes then click on COMMENT and tell us who you think is styling in their FJ's!

  • Would You Sleep in Your Car to Play Bethpage Black?

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    Photo: Barton Silverman, The New York Times

    With only one week remaining until the world's best tee it up at Bethpage Black for the U.S. Open, we read this article in the New York Times about the unique process that allows amateur golfers to play the same course the pros will play. While the rules can be somewhat confusing, ultimately, the best way for you to secure a tee time on the Black course is to spend a night, maybe more, in your car to snag one of the walk-up tee times. You don't have to "know someone," you don't have to empty your bank account...you just have to be dedicated and maybe a little lucky. So we want to know...would you do it? Would you sleep in your car for the chance to play a U.S Open course? If you have done it, we would love to hear about it. Just click on COMMENTS.


  • FJ Collar Challenge: Answers and Winner!

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    Thanks to everyone who participated in our second FJ Challenge and congratulations to Eric W who just came in with the correct answers. Stay tune for the next challenge. Click on the slideshow below for the answers and to see the prize!

    Click here to begin the slideshow.: