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The second half of the '10 - '11 FJ catalog shoot took place in Miami at the CA Championship.  The CA Championship takes place on the Blue Course (aka "The Blue Monster") at the famous Doral Resort and Spa.  The FJ team had its work cut out with a packed schedule of 17 players over two days.  In addition to still photography, we took the opportunity to get tons of content for the FJ Community!  The course and constantly changing south Florida weather provided many different backdrops for our talented catalog and photography teams.  Overall, we had great weather; much better than what is expected for the four tournament rounds.

On the set for our first day of shooting were Ben Crane, Michael Sim, Zach Johnson, Camilo Villegas, Adam Scott, Geoff Ogilvy, Rory McIlroy, Hunter Mahan and Padraig Harrington.

The highlights from Day 1 included 4 new shoe product reveals.  Hunter and Rory got a look at a sweet new FJ ICON pattern, Zach Johnson slipped on a super high-tech new SYNR-G and Padraig got a peek at our latest FJ Sport designs.   All the guys are very happy to get an inside look at what will be showing up in their lockers later this summer.

Also on Day 1 came the highly anticipated unavailing of our newest FJ outerwear collection.  Zach Johnson and Michael Sim had a chance to trial these totally redesigned pieces and show them off in front of the camera.

The final day of shooting consisted of Nick Watney, Ross Fisher, Lee Westwood, new dad Luke Donald, Ian Poulter, Steve Stricker and Bill Haas.

Aside from Strick, all Day 2 players were FJ ICON wearers.  Some players choose more conservative styles like Watney, Fisher and Westwood while others like Donald and Poulter take advantage of MyJoys to add a more personal custom touch.

As far as product reveals, Ian and Lee both got a look at the new FJ ICON pattern, which they both loved.  We are pushing to get Ian something to debut at a very notable event in early April =) 

The day wrapped with two of our FJ Outerwear players, Steve Stricker and Billy Haas, swinging for the camera in some beautiful and contemporary new rainwear and layering pieces.

Other notable happenings over the two days included players raving about their various FJ gloves.  Lee Westwood (Pure Touch) put it well when he said that consistency and fit of his glove are key because it's the only piece of equipment between you and the club.  It's also very surprising to us that not everyone (including PGA players) had heard about our revolutionary TechSof socks.  Very much like a glove, the socks provides the only connection between your foot and the performance technologies inside our shoes.  They provide a solid base for platform stability and in-shoe temperature regulation that last throughout the entire round.  The players were immediately grasping this concept and took samples to try during the upcoming weeks.

All in all, a busy trip that should deliver some wonderful imagery for our upcoming '10 - '11 FJ catalog.  Stay tuned ... it hits golf shops near you in July.