Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

Myrtle Beach Golf Courses


    I had to do some digging to find this post but I have found it.! I am needing some feedback for the next trip.



    Dear fellow FJ friends. I am needing to pick three additional courses to play this July. You can see from the list below,  I have played several over the years and I am wanting to see what other courses that are not on my list that you would rate as a place to play.



    Total Courses that I have played there over the years.

    1. Dunes Club (One of my favorties)

    2. Wicked Stick ( Daly tees is a must for a new respect of distances)

    3. World Tour ( Great customer focus and not a bad re-creation of famous golf holes)

    4. Man o War (not bad, interesting hole layout)

    5. Indian Wells (it was not bad, not a favorite, but the price was fair)

    6. Possum Trot (Not a bad course, I liked the layout, i liked the length on some of the holes)

    7. The Witch ( another course that I enjoyed, hole layouts were very good for my game)

    8. The Wizard ( not bad, I can't really think of anything that stood out for me on this one)

    9. Kings North ( I am glad that i was carrying more than 12 balls "he he")

    10. Traditions Golf Club ( Bombers paradise, great shade for the hot days near the majority of the tee boxes and also down the left or right sides of the fairways)

    11. Tidewater (Beautiful course,  a must play)

    12. Blackmoor ( tricky hole placements, not all that long,  strategic play is a must to make you way around this one)

    13. Heritage Golf Club (I enjoyed the course, great layout)

    14. Oysterbay (Great customer service and the course was in top shape)

    15. Legends Heathland (Links style, staff very friendly a favorite to me)

    16. TPC Myrtle Beach (Looooooooooooooooooooooong!) With a crooked driver,  makes it even worse.

    17. Legends Moorland (I loved the course) It had the feel of Heathland with a little more yardage...maybe it's just me,  but I love links style courses.

    18. Heather Glen (Beautiful course layout and friendly staff) Highly Recommended

    19. Indigo Creek GC (course in good shape, staff ok) Looks like the course had a overhaul recently.



    Like you I've played many a MB course. Here are a couple more to add:

    Glen Dornach- On the "water" side so you get some really great holes at 9 and 18 with a shared green along the intercoastal. Wonderful track with some really tough holes. But fair!

    Crow Creek- Our friend Hokie plays this all the time, and it has really come along nicely. Very playable and wonderful greens, some of the best down in MB.

    Leopards Chase- Newest of the Ocean Ridge "Big Cats" courses. Really fun and with a variety of shots required. Since it's the newest course it has no clubhouse (trailer only), so if you want a lunch round, go to the other courses like Panthers Run or Lions Paw.

    Pawley's Plantation- Down to the south, but a great Nicklaus design. Loved it, but a hike from courses on the north end.

    There you go mate!

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    I've mostly played courses on the south end of the strand and there are some real gems down there.  If you want to spoil yourself for a couple of days, I highly recommend the TPC of Myrtle Beach.  It is one of the best courses you can play and Golf Digest doesn't give out 5 stars for no reason.  True Blue Plantation is also a must play.  It is very challenging yet fair and is a treat to play.  The wind can play havoc on your game here.  While in the area, you  can't miss out on Caledonia Golf & Fish Club.  Annually rated as one of the best on the strand, it is an experience you will not forget.  It has the best post-round setting ever with a porch overlooking the 18th green on the marsh. 

    I know these are some of the pricier courses so maybe only one per trip is ok, but these are all worth it.  Other more affordable options in the area are WIllbrook Plantation, Traditions, Founders Club, and Pawley's Plantation.  All very nice. 


    Randy, thanks for the heads up my friend. Pawley's plantation is a course that I have wanted to play for awhile, so that one is a go. Also I may pickup Crow Creek as well.


    Birdwell, First of all,  Welcome to the Community! I feel very privileged that you used your 1st post comment in the MB course selection. :) I believe the final course will be Caledonia.


    I am getting super stoked, only a few more weeks to go!






    If you do Pawley's that's great. One note.... I would do Glen Dornach before Crow Creek (unless you've played Glen already). Crow is nice, but Glen is beter.


    Well after a wonderful week I am back.


    We had a slight change in plans on the courses set to be played, but here are the two  played.


    1. TPC Myrtle Beach: "I got destroyed".

    We played from the rear tees and I couldn't hit my driver well at all,  by hole #5,  I put the driver up. The main issue was length after that point,  which at times left me with a long iron or hybrid on par 4s.



    2. Legends Moorland: I loved this course!

    Last season I played Heathland and loved it, so this one was an easy choice. My driver was still a little crooked on the 2nd day but playable from the rear tees on a links style course.


    A very good trip overall.





    Wish I had been there with you man.... I just love MB. So much to choose from.


    Bumping for travel plans

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    We played the Glen Courses (Glen Dornoch, Heather Glen, Shaftsbury Glen, and Possum Trot) back in the spring and they were in great shape. I liked the layout of Glen Dornoch a lot and Shaftsbury Glen's greens were amazing (for early March). I didn't love Possum Trot but, it's not bad.  


    Living Charleston it is easy for us to drive up in the morning play 18 and drive back in the afternoon.  My favorites are the Dunes, The Surf Club, and TPC Myrtle Beach.  We go in the off season because Myrtle Beach is the number one golf destination.  South Carolina offers us a lot of great golf..... cz : )  

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    I've played several from the initial list.  I have to say that I loved The Witch.  I really enjoyed the layout and it seemed to really fit my game.

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    There seems to be no mention of Kiawah - Ocean Course. Does anyone recommend this for a challenge? Also, to Chuck and the other SC locals, when is the 'off season'? I'm wanting to pay homage to SC's world-class bounty of golf.



    Kiawah is a wonderful track, but it's on a different level. It's a great test of golf, but you need to be a Pete Dye fan to enjoy his twists and turns. If not, you'll be toast. In addition, it is a premium cost course, meaning it's over $200 most of the time.

    Myrtle is a place mentioned a lot because it has countless courses spread over lots of varied prices and skill levels. The Glen Courses are some of my favorites, as is Oyster Bay and Pawleys Plantation. So many courses, so little time....

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    Tar Heel,

    Thank you for your explanation, greatly appreciated. I understand completely, think I will still tempt the toaster though - otherwise it will be a shoulda coulda for me. I will give TPC Myrtle a try too along with any other must plays.


    Hi Joesph,

       So far I just haven't played Kiawah as of yet. Currently, I'm trying to play a few courses that Randy had spoken about a few years ago.

    Just returned from MB after playing Heather Glen and Indigo Creek.  We should be headed back to MB in the fall. My plan is to play Glen Dornach maybe Crow Creek as well. We are wanting to play the World Tour on our next visit again. I guess it has been about 10-12 years since the last time.