There's Always A Fist Time

There's Always A Fist Time


    Just last Tuesday, I played MoorparkCC for the first time.  I played pretty well on the two nines:  Canyon Crest and Creekside being the much narrower fairways.

    This weekend, I'll be playing two new courses again.  I'm sure some of you may have played these two courses;

    Big Horn Golf Club & TPC PGA West - Stadium Course.

    I'm very excited, although usually, I'm not too fond of playing new courses.  But then recently, I've seen some improvements in my game and it's changing my attitude about it.  My low for this year was at MoorparkCC, one over without seeing the course.

    While I don't expect to match or better my low for the year, I will enjoy working hard at it.

    By the way, the three guys I'll be with on this trip have been converted from striped or swooshed logo into a much higher quality brand, FootJoy Icons, XPS and DryJoys.  But I can't say I've been their reason for them switching in any way, as they've asked me questions about my MyJoys quite often during a round...  FJ Ambassador duffel, markers and other wardrobe.  I just think they like it!


    Congrats on your good score at Moorpark! Sounds like a very exciting weekend, have a lot of fun.


    Get ready for a lot of H2O on the stadium and forced carries.. Good luck!


    Thanks, Don!  :-)  

    Can't wait. . . Leaving in a few hours.



    Of course you are the reason these players have changed their footwear. You are the man! Enjoy the desert and play well out there. As they say, you wear The Mark of a Player.


    Thanks, Todd!

    Looks like high 50s and low 60s with a few chance of shower this time- so it should be comfortable.  

    Good to know- great tip about carries. . . I should be ok.


    Love that line, Randy!

    I think I believe it, too!  :-)


    Another first time in a while for me would be the playing 6 different courses over 3 weeks and 9 rounds between the new courses.

    The scores I posted are not nearly as good, but a couple of times the 36 in front or back showed up rekindling what would be a fun round.

    One of our tee time was almost just before 11:00am.  I encouraged my guys to pass by a local golf shop before teeing it.  They followed me straight to FJ Shoe dept. as they found the Icons on sale.  Two guys bought a nice pair, while me and the other guy loaded up on a couple boxes each of ProV1Y ) ***x).

    Thanksgiving weekend golf are fun!  


    I've been working on our team for Team Play to select an item from FootJoy.

    Ring in the holiday season!