It's starting to have a fall feel in the Northeast

It's starting to have a fall feel in the Northeast

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    While fall golf is has its upsides such as cooler temps, better course conditions and foliage... it also means that the season is winding down.... it kind of hit me today while I was out after work for a quick 9. The sun is at an angle where losing balls is easier and it isn't dark as late anymore....

    Oh well... that's my rant


    I hear ya.  I love fall ball, just not the shorter days.  Playing 18 after work is gone, and soon enough playing 9 will be tough.  I feel like I play the most in Oct and Nov because I'm trying to cram in as many rounds as possible before the season ends.

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    Cooler temps-yeah, Less humid-yeah, pretty sky and trees-yeah. Shorter days-boo, leaves-boo, snow and ice-big boo. Florida/Myrtle vacation-yeah, Spring, finally-yeah.

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    I hear ya. I'm here in NY and felt a large drop in temperature overnight. Back to cold hands and aching backs soon.


    Still in the 90s in San Diego !

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    Couldn't have said it better myself... why oh why

    This season was over before it started it seems to me :(


    Here the South we can't wait for the fall.....low humidity and temperatures in the mid 70s where golf is finally enjoyable......where you can go out for a nice stroll on the course and not be soaked when you get in......we play 365 for the most part in Charleston.....fall golf is outstanding here......played today and it was 88 with humidity of 76 percent....not right for September...but that is life in the you never get used to good thing is we get to play golf the year we suffer....but complain...and that is one thing golfers are good at......ha...ha....  cz : )

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    After living in the Midwest and Northeast for years, I'm in a pretty temperate climate these days  (South India) and can golf year round. It's nice, but I kinda miss those crisp autumn days.

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    I could use a couple of weeks of Fall days. 102 here today. High 90s next 10 days. I like living in the South but the heat gets a bit old this time of year. On the other hand I don't ever shovel snow.

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    Id trade 102 degrees and little to no winter for the promise of whats ahead of us here in the northeast over the next 6 months


    Fall weather in SE Texas means a few more showers in the afternoons.  Like today, it rained a bit just after my group had finished for the day and gone into the grill.  Some of the later groups had to play through the weather.  Temps were mid-90's until the rain came, then dropped to upper 80's.  Still plenty hot and humid here for at least another month or so.

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    So true Adam...with the shorter days upon us, 18 holes after work becomes impossible. Fortunately, we are blessed with great weather year round in So. Cal. Hang in there, winter will be over before you know it.

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    I love it. Love playing when it's cooler out.


    The great thing about Melbourne is the all year round golf. the spring weather has already cranked up a bit from our Winter temps so it's all good.

    Can't really imagine not having the option of playing over winter even though I do slow down a bit as getting too old for the cold wind and rain.

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    I love fall golf.  I just hate the shorter days and the fact that I can no longer get rounds in after work.