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    I had the opportunity to play Bethpage Red on Father's Day.  I would highly recommend it!  Not quite ready for the legendary Black course, but if you want to play a beautifully kept course, try the Red!


    Good to know. Did you have to camp in your car to get a spot to play, like the black?

    Have read a bit about Bethpage and sounds very impressive. Wow! 5 courses ... Golf heaven. Is the Black always busy? Think the Barclay's is there this year so will have a closer look then. OZ-Crocmam
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    it's great to see how far back the facility has come.  Condictioning wasn't the best for a number of years.  I played the black just after the announcement of the 1st open.  While you could tell it was a fantastic course, there was considerable repair necessary.  (washed out walking paths/bunkers, overgrown trees, shrubs in bunkers etc).  In addition to highlighting public golf courses, the USGA prompted substantial investment in the entire facility by selecting bp black as an open site. 

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    Played the Black from the tips on Cinco de Mayo. Good gracious it took me for all I was worth. Heck of a place!


    It is great that a public venue can be kept as well as any Country Club. Gives the average guy a great walk.

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    One of these days I'm going to get to Bethpage...


    I played the Black 20 years ago in the fall. It was in good condition and you could see why they had so many local championships played there. It was a great layout, tough and I'd never seen rough like that on a public course. If the grass laid the direction of your shot, it was no problem; however, if it laid against you, you might get the ball to fly 100 yards. I've always wanted to go back to see how it has changed since the USGA got involved. Had I decided to drive to the FJA Invitational, I would have trekked to Long Island to make BP Black one of the courses to play on the way home.

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    Bethpage Black is formidable test from the mere mortal tees for most. The strength of the course lies in the excellent routing and numerous risk/reward challenges: to cut a bit more off a dogleg or go for a par five in two. Contrasting these risk/reward temptations, there are several holes where a perfectly busted drive leaves you with long iron or hybrid in hand and 200+ yards remaining to the green. The sea breeze from the southwest blows into your face on the final holes: 15 through18  - Lovely way to finish a round! Greens with a couple of notable exceptions (15 and 17) a subtle breaks that will bedevil you when greens are fast - And course conditioning since the USGA Opens ensures that greens and fairways are typically in great shape. It isn't Augusta quality fairways, but certainly in the top 1% of all tournament venues. I come back to BP Black as one of the best courses - and clearly the best value for NY State resident greens fees - heck, at the $125 or so for out-of-state greens fees it is still a fantastic golf experience. All of the other courses at BP have been held to similar standards of greens keeping, one of the true benefits of turning BP Black into a professional tournament venue.  

    Red is a great course at Bethpage. The nice part is you actually have a chance to play it - compared to Black which is very difficult to get on to say the least.
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    With a little work the Red could be a better course than the Black. The Black is hard but the Red is a lot more fun and a more complete golf course.