Santee Cooper CC Summer Invitational


    Tough finish, Chuck.  Had a similar experience in a match play event I played on Saturday.  43 on the front to essentially hand the match to my opponent--thankfully no penalties and only one three putt, but couldn't get my tee shots into play on too many holes.  Back side was better, but it was far too late.  Finished 38 for 81, but lost the match 7&5.  Ah well, you can't win them all.

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    Not bad hitting the ball it sounds though Chuck if you had 39 putts and shot 83.  Must have been fairways and greens all day then....  


    Pretty much........some of my buddies who are pretty good putters had five putted once on these large fast greens when they hit above the hole......poor golf course management.....when you put yourself in position, you have to finish....senior moments I guess