The infamous ninth green at Yale.


    Interesting green design... Nice two putt!


    If my memory serves me that little dip on Yale's #9 is about 6 feet deep.  

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    Do people chip or putt if they end up on the wrong side?


    Deep enough to bury someone in! Crazy!!! "Just tap it in" :)

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    @NCBob: Six feet sounds about right!  The challenge is hitting the tee ball high enough so that it holds when it hits. Despite the tee shot being forty or fifty feet above the elevation of the green, the distance of over 200 yards to the center of the trench,er, green means that for most mortals a longish iron is required to reach the putting surface{(s). Additionally, the breeze does blow at Yale many days making the ideal play a cut or draw into the breeze (depending upon wind direction). I hit a little draw when I needed to hit fade - hence my ball position on the left side of the green fringe. The ball hit right of the flag but with draw spin, did not hold...Story of my golfing life!


    Yes, they still had mats for tees.  Do they still have them now?  I remember the first time I played there thinking, "why is my grandma's doormat on the tee?"

    I will neither confirm nor deny the "parking" comment.

    Don't know about the mats.  Have not been there in centuries.

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    That is an awesome story.  Thanks for the pictures.  I can't imagine putting through that!  I'd overthink it regardless of Devin's advice!!