Great Irish Links Challenge - Anybody play in this?


    I was curious if anybody had played in this tournament in the past or was planning on playing this year.  This is a tournament in May that is played on the Ballybunion, Lahinch and on Doonbeg.  I played in the tournament last year with some friends and, while we didn't finish last, we finished pretty darn close to last but we had a great time.  As I learned in my first golf trip to Ireland, Irish links golf is certainly different than golf here in the States, and with 50 mph winds and rain the day we played Ballybunion, it proved to be quite interesting.  It certainly put my FJ rain gear to the test!

    One of my buddies got a random email from the Ireland tourism bureau where he learned about it last year.  A lot of the people playing in the tournament are from the States and there are also a lot of members from each of the clubs where the tournament is being played participating.  There were quite a few Kiawah guys due to the link between Doonbeg and Kiawah.  I am planning on going over again this year and playing with a group of guys so if anybody else in the FJC community is planning on doing so, please let me know as it would be great to meet some folks over there.

    If you ever wanted to try a trip to Ireland, this is also a great opportunity to play some great courses and do so in a tournament environment.  We also use it as a midpoint of a golf trip where we can play some other great courses while we are across the pond.  We are planning on playing Royal County Down and Baltray beforehand and Tralee and Old Head afterwards.  Check it out if you were ever considering an Ireland golf trip.



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    Sounds amazing, been wanting to get over to Ireland to check out the culture and golf.  People seem like the friendliest in the world.  

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    Ireland is a great place to visit, the locals are super, and it will be a wonderful golfing experience. I haven't played in Mikes tournament. but have been to Ireland 3 times and never disappointed. If you can afford the time and money, make it a definite on your things-to-do list.


    Another great golfing event added to my ever growing golfing bucket list.

    Pics look incredible but can certainly appreciate it would be "pretty tough" in high winds and sideways rain.

    ONE DAY !!!


    My previous trip to Ireland was my first and was a great experience.  The people are what made it so special.  Meeting and hanging out with the local people, who were so welcoming and inclusive, was great.  I felt like I had know some of the guys we met for years.  It sounds like nobody else in the FJC is playing in this event, but hopefully I will bump into some others from the FJC over there one day!