San Antonio?


    Anyone play in that area?  Heading there for meetings in January.  Playing the Palmer Course at La Cantera one afternoon.

    What about The Quarry?  Getting in Sunday around 1 pm and going to try to get a round in quick when I land too.

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    Brackenridge Park is a really good Muni. It has just been redone. Cedar Creek is fun also.

    La Cantera is great. It is a challenge. Quarry is a lot of fun too.


    Sounds great Mark!  thanks.... Quarry looks interesting, might try to jump on Sunday.  


    Alright everyone, review coming in a week or so.

    Hitting the Quarry and La Cantera



    You will LOVE the Quarry. I have played it several times and have always found it to be lots of fun. Plus:

    It's right close to the interstate so convenient

    Has some really gorgeous holes.

    You can even play off the rock walls if you date!

    Really fun course to play. Enjoy it.

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    Have a great time Justin. I lived down there for time and played those two courses a lot.  Hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as I did!


    Played The Quarry today! WOW!  Super fun, staff was awesome.  They have TONS of FJ gear inside and lots with FJ on the collar!  Definitely check it out if you are in the area!

    Very cool design, front 9 was fun and challenging especially for a guy that hasn't played since late October.  The back 9 was just awesome though.  To me it was like Rhode Island CC's last 4 holes.  Just super cool landscape/views.  

    So to think it couldn't be better starting this work trip off getting to play golf when my state is snow/ice... it did.  I shot 81 today and that is my personal best.  In fact before today my best was 84.  :-)

    Here's a few photos!


    Glad you enjoyed it Justin. Thanks for the review and the photos.


    Thanks for the photos and review, Justin.  How was the wind on Monday at the Quarry?  We had 15-30 mph here in the Houston area.

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    Justinu3 -- congratulations on your personal best round. To do it on an unfamiliar course and after a layoff is great.  Hope it is a sign for your upcoming season back in Iowa and may you beat the 81 and break 80.  Oh thanks for the pics.  


    Thanks for the photos and review, Justin.  How was the wind on Monday at the Quarry?  We had 15-30 mph here in the Houston area.

    I played Sunday, the wind wasn't bad.  Maybe 5-10?


    Okay second review....

    The Palmer Course at La Cantera.  Played a scramble with a group from my company and it was a ton of fun.  Our group got second.

    The greens were crazy tough on several holes not to mention the pin placements really made it ridiculous to try to putt.   Really nice clubhouse and staff was great.


    We shot a tv spot there a few years back.


    Very cool!  Any chance it's on YouTube??