Most Famous Person To Play Your Course?

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    Now that's a pedigree.

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    It's funny...the golf course I work at now, Prince Andrew played in 1999.  Prince Andrew also played the course I used to work at in Toronto.  At the time, I was the "Associate Professional", so I got to caddy for Prince Andrew.  About a 6 handicap...very nice person.  Was able to talk to him like he was "one of the guys"!!


    Well let's see now. At my current club, which was designed by Tom Lehman (who aced the 4th hole in the first round he played there), so he's in. Then we have had this guy named Phil Mickelson drop in a couple times. He has a plaque on the 18th hole from a drive he bombed out about 330 yards. Teemu Selanne from the Anaheim Ducks is out a great deal in the summer as well.

    The rest out here are mostly guys.


    Other than me?

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    Texas Funeral Directors Association had their annual golf tournament.


    I'm not far from Camp David, so there have been a number of President's who have played courses in my area.  But that's really the only "famous" names I know of.  We're far enough from the cities, we don't get a lot of famous people.

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    I drove 5-10 yds short of hitting Pete Dye on Purdue University's Kampen Course. He was walking and changing the setup for the 2008 NCAA championships and walked into our fairway on the par 5 we were playing while I was teeing off.  He was really nice about it and complemented me on my drive, ha!!


    Other than me?

    I was wondering who was going to throw this one out. And YOU did not disappoint me!


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    bholleyOther than me?

    I was wondering who was going to throw this one out. And YOU did not disappoint me!

    Randy I was hanging back just to make you worry. Plus it takes my posts 48 hours to pass Dean Gmitter's "double secret moderation".

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    My home club, Tanglewood Park, held the 1974 PGA Championship where Lee Trevino defeated Jack Nicklaus by one shot and 62 year old Sam Snead finished 3rd. It also held the RJR and Vantage Championships on the Champions Tour from 1987 until 2002.  

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    I am not a member but my friend is the GM so I get to play his course regularly. Larry Fitzgerald from the Arizona Cardinals is a regular there. The course is near where the Oakland A's used to play their spring training games so there is was always a chance you'd get to see some baseball players too.


    May they be the last to let you down........know a guy in the business and they get crazy.....said he was going to take me to the one in Myrtle Beach sometime, but you know how that goes.....the world is full of good intentions.......  

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    My home course and where I worked as a kid is about 20 mins from the old summer  football camp for the Baltimore Ravens, so when the Ravens were in town some of the players would come out early and tee it up.  Biggest name I got to meet was Ed Reed who will be a hall of famer, Great guy and apparently some of the kids  in the community found out he was there and on 18 when Ed finished there was close to 30 kids waiting for him and instead of driving away from them he pulled right in the middle of them all and signed something for every kid.  Class act !