Most Famous Person To Play Your Course?

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    Who's the most famous person to play your golf course? We've had Prince Andrew, Samuel L Jackson and Adam Foote to name a few...what about you?

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    I play the University of Maryland course as well as the local 9 hole muni, called Paint Branch. Both are Fred Funk's old stomping grounds. It's interesting to hear all the old guys talk about Funk. Interestingly enough, the stories are mixed.


    Freddie Couples qualified at ours and went on to play the US Open, where he started his professional career.  But that was way before I was a member there. . . and then again he wasn't famous at the time.  The cool thing about it is when I followed Freddie at one charity event at Pebble Beach golf club a few years ago- as he was signing my hat, he noticed my jacket with our course name and said, "Say hi to the guys at your course for me- It got me through, I will never forget."  I wasn't expecting that from him nor did I mention anything but just merely being a fan for a signature.  It was an awesome moment.  Also, Steve Pate and his brother used to play our course quite often back in the day as well.

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    We have Oak Hill here - so LOTS of famous folks :)

    However the course I most often play generally has a few local celebrities show up (its a public course) and our Pro gives lessons to a number of players for the Buffalo Bills so during training camp (they have their camp here in Rochester) you usually run into a few of the guys on the course.


    I belong and play at the City of Charleston Municipal Golf Course which was built in 1927 and has a long history.  Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey used to play in our Monday night blitz.  Stephen Colbert and Bill Murray play there on ocassions.  


    The county muni I worked at in northern VA was frequented by several of the Washington Redskins players.  The most famous one I recall meeting was their most recent Hall of Fame player, Darrell Green.


    Webb Simpson brings a gang to play at my club just about every year.  He broke 70 for the first time as a young kid playing here.

    Michael Jordan has played several times with a group of friends with some heavy gambling and a lot of beer.  Jordan is from Wilmington.

    Porters Neck CC, Wilmington, NC


    I just joined the Glen Garden County Club in Fort Worth.  Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson both used to be members there.


    We have had most of the major golf pro's play our course since we have hosted a couple different tour events, however as far as famous it would probably be some of the tennis stars since our city hosts a top tennis tournament each year called the Western & Southern for both men and women.  Andy Roddick and a number of other tennis players come and play frequently during the tournament.  No royalty though like Frank !!


    Isao Aoki would have to be the most famous in the golf community to my knowledge. He came with a member who is a former Japanese Tour pro and Aoki san was an extremely polite and genuinely nice man. Thanked each and every one of us who was working in the shop that day for allowing us to play... and we are your run of the mill country club. Nothing fancy at all. Former Green Bay Packer and Atlanta Falcon Eugene Robinson was there one day, nice guy. Gave me an autograph (I was a kid and HUGE Cheesehead). Heath Slocum, Rocco Mediate (supposedly), Zach Bogosian are the only others that come to mind.

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    Bo Van Pelt played the course I work at just yesterday.  He is a super nice guy, and insisted on paying for his round.  He regularly uses our short game practice facility since it is a mile from his house.  We have had a couple of guys who have played European Tour events play  our course, and currently have a few college kids who play for good schools here practicing and playing during winter break.  

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    The Aministaff  was played for a few years on our course so that list would be hard to pick from.


    I belong to 2 seperate clubs.  Pawtucket CC has had a few that I can recall.  Chi Chi Rodriguiz, Roger Clemens from time to time, David Duval, Brad Faxon, my son....future golf  The other club is the TPC of Boston, and I really don't know where to start with that one.  "The Donald", Tiger, Phil, Adam, Jordan Speith, several others on tour.  I have played with Rodney Harrison and Ted Bruschi one time when I caught them on the back nine.  Funny story about that one.  I was behind them and found a wallet greenside.  I open the wallet to check if there was any ID in it, and sure enough, Ted Bruschi's MA drivers license.  I picked up the wallet and kept playing.  Sure enough I caught he and Rodney on the 16th hole and said Mr. Bruschi, you must have dropped your wallet.  He checked his bag and sure enough it was gone.  I handed him the wallet and he was very thankful.  He tried to give me a $100, but I said no thank you, I would just hope that if I dropped my wallet, someone would have done the same.  I finished my last 3 holes while joining them.  I knew they wanted to be left alone, so I just played my ball as I would any other time.  We chatted briefly, small talk about golf, where I lived, do I have kids, etc.

    Great experience, sorry I got a little off track with the side story, but thought is was somewhat applicable to the theme.


    Mario Lemieux was known to show up at one of the courses I was a member at back in PA.  We had a former PGA Tour player was a member there as well; he brought out some tour guys from time to time.   One of his guests, a multiple major winner said, "it is one of the best courses he has ever played!"  The course, Totteridge.

    Played a few holes with, Pittsburgh Pirates Legend, Bill Mazeroski at my home course in High School.  That course is now a housing development, very unfortunate.  It was a tremendously tricky course, a lot of subtle nuance to play it correctly.  My high school only lost one match at home while I went to school there, very big home field advantage. Without that course I would not be where I am today!

    That is about it!

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    I just joined the Glen Garden County Club in Fort Worth.  Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson both used to be members there.

     That certainly qualifies!