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What's your favorite FJ shoe model?

What's your favorite FJ shoe model?

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    I have a pair of white M: Project BOA shoes that I absolutely love. Especially when I'm walking 18 in 90 degree heat. I wish FJ offered them in Black.

    Yes, I know what you mean on those M: Projects in BOA. I also have a pair that I love so much along with a DNA that's so co to be in. But my real favs are Icons. It just has so much to offer in a golf round.

    Big O

    Welcome. If you love the M Project in BOA, you might consider the new DNA model, in Black, with the BOA closure system. The DNA is a wonderful new shoe and everyone loves it.

    Good luck.

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    I tell you my favorite shoe has to be the Dry Joy Tour, I wear a 12 XW but most shoes I buy I have to buy 13 XW so they will fit but the FootJoy is perfect 12XW !! I have a pair that I bought about 4-5 years ago and I still play them 2-3 times a month and I can see them staying in the rotation for a good while. Thank FootJoy for all the years of comfort !!!

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    Welcome to the community.  Agreed with Tar Heel.  I have the DNA BOAs and they are my favorite shoes.

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    I have several styles but Icons are still on top for me.


    I have a pair of Sports that I really like. They have a athletic look with out looking like a running shoe.


    Welcome to the FJC Bog O.  I have tried a number of different models of the FJ shoes and have liked them all.  That being said, my overall preference is for the FJ Icons.  I guess I am a more traditional type of golf shoe guy.  I also love the way I have been able to customize a lot of the Icons through the MyJoy's program.  


    DryJoy Tours.....


    My White/Grey M Project Boa's are my favorite as well. On my wish list. Blue/White Croc Icons.


    I have a pair of Sports that I really like. They have a athletic look with out looking like a running shoe.

    I do need a blue pair of laces for my Sports.


    What length......

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    Icons are truly my favorites


    I really like how my Dry Joy Tours fit. I have to make sure I don't over wear my black pair because I'm constantly drawn to them. I do own Icons, M-Projects, and Contour Casuals as well.

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    Right now the Contour series...  Just ordered a pair of MyJoys Icon so that might change soon :)